Gazzew Boba U4 Silent Switches appear on 1UpKeyboards

The perfect switches materialize days after I complain about how loud my Candybar is with Holy Pandas.

Looking forward to getting these installed. Thank you hbheroinbob


Yes! Ordered. Thank you.

Got a set on my way too from the aliexpress vendor. Hope they turn out awesome :slight_smile:

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Grabbed 140 top & bottom of the Boba “pearl white” housings from the man himself last night. Was gonna jump on 1up’s sale, but honestly I was just after the housings (although I have heard the U4 silent tactile stems are really good). Gonna use Invyr PE stems & spirit 63.5g progressive springs with them. I will report back to let tou guys know how these housings do with linear stems once I get them.


Sweet. I’m going to be picking up some progressive Spirit springs to work with these as well.

I got sent mine last week, but as I am in Canada they will take some time to arrive.

There are some recipes involving heavier springs, and also the prior Silent Sky stems, but I don’t have them with me currently.

I actually did go for the 1upkeyboards sale, because it’s not like I’m going to get them any cheaper than that in Canada, and I can always resell them if I don’t end up using them.

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