Gazzew Silent Linear Stems

Looks like these hushy bois are back on the market. If you don’t mind a soft bottom-out, these make for very quiet switches.


I wish Gazzew would make some just plain linear stems that fit into his housings so I could put all those boba housings I got to use.


Agreed - though Kailh Pro stems work pretty well with them, and of course Holy Bobas are some of my favorites.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


What did you put your stems in?


Ringer Keys mentioned something was coming in “soon” called Boba Thoccs. I had never heard of them before but they mentioned they were same idea as the U4 but without the dampeners (and modified accordingly so its not the same as just removing the silencing pads).

I am stuck working at home so I might just go for it as quietness doesn’t matter as much as it used to.
But there are too many switch options… I like what I have now but part of me keeps wanting to explore what is out there.


This might be the silent linear killer I’ve been looking for. Hell, I have 50 u4 housings sitting around while I run these Silent alpacas. Maybe I’ll snag some and do one half of my prime_elise in silent U4’s and the other half in silent alpacas. little direct comparison review for da bois

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as a boi I approve this message.


I just bought the housing in hopes of using them for modding.

Review incoming


oooh this is really interesting. I am curious what would be a good housing to put these in.

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So far I’ve liked them in Inks. I ended up actually using them in YOK Pandas because I had a bunch when I first got some of these a bit over a year ago. They may not be the best possible, but they do make for something smooth and quiet. If you prefer less wobble, Boba housings are hard to beat.

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but at that point might as well just get bobas lol well i just noticed they’re linear smh lol

Man, I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with my Gazzew linears. I know retooling isn’t hard, but power tools scare me! Those stems seem so nice, and they’ll make an excellent complement to the Bobas I have in my Tofu.


I finally received my stems after some nail biting with USPS tracking, and after hunting down some housings to use besides my U4s, I wound up desoldering 50 mx clears from my stock of old defective cherry boards just for the housings.

Admittedly these housings are probably not all they’re cracked up to be, but with some lube and films along with some 55g springs (this time from prime_kb not Sprit) they turn into a pretty amazing switch.

wear your mask folks

Halfway there. my Jank ass soldering set up in my new apartment right now (featuring unseen extractor fan and open window)

No pic of the fully soldered board, but heres the Tofurky and potatoes of the matter.
These are, in my limited experience, an amazing silent switch, in basically any housing. due to these being old cherries, they have some scratch in the housings that wasnt present when I put these stems into JWK or boba housings, with the boba housings fairing best for stem wobble, then JWK, with cherry housings trailing with some obscene shake. The travel is noticably quieter than the silent alpacas, not to say that they’re “loud” but you can detect some rattle and rustling of the silencing gasket in the alpacas, where as the GSL (Gazzew Silent Linear) cherries are nearly dead silent even on an enthusiastic bottom out.

Overall. The stems are amazing, have great compatability with a range of housings, smoothness is improved by the JWK housing, but at the cost of stability and thock. If you’re looking for a more solid bottom out on a silent linear, this is your best bet I think, definitely not rock solid, but the bottom out is strong and satisfactory.

EDIT: Sound test from my shitty microphone added here on cringecloud


Holy shit dude hahah.

Awesome info as well