Gazzew U4Tx

Most of the switches I own are linear switches. That said, of the dozen tactile switches I own, Gazzew’s U4T’s are by far my favorite. Virtually no wobble, solid bump, and (don’t judge me) with a thick coat of lube (including the legs) they are absolutely wonderful.

Now, I have a huge dislike of muted switches (linear or tactile). So when I ready about the new U4Tx switches (only muted on the upstroke, allegedly), I ordered them immediately.

Tried them unlubed first, and found them a bit scratchy (U4T’s were never scratchy unlubed if I recall correctly), so I lubed them. After using them for a while I realized these aren’t only muted on the upstroke, but also on the downstroke. Checked with a friend who also has them, and he says they bottom out before the bottom mute pad can have any effect, but that’s just not my experience with them (maybe I don’t type hard enough).

So I’m curious what the overall feedback is here in the Keebtalk community. Do they feel semi-muted, or are you also experiencing a fully-muted typing feel?


Sounds like @pixelpusher has had similar experiences.

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Glad that you posted this. I was considering picking some up but since I have both U4s and U4Ts, it doesn’t sound like this had anything new to offer me.

I do think they’re unique and worth trying. I consider U4Tx a reduced noise tactile, but not silent. They have slightly reduced travel, which might bother some people.

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Yeah I remember this issue, I guess you could slice the pads in each switch, just amek sure to leave a little so the pads won’t get detached.

This sounds more accurate to me. I have U4’s and U4T’s in boards and U4Tx in hand and the U4Tx is definitely not quite the same as the U4. The Tx is slightly harsher on the bottom out and you can definitely hear the difference, even with light actuation (as long as you actually bottom out), but it’s as not as loud or “thocky” as an undampened U4T.

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Hey, I did my U4Ts that way, too - love 'em. :man_shrugging:

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Hey, I tried U4Tx with DSA for the first time today. If you like DSA profile, you’ve gotta try it out! Doesn’t sound very good (no surprise for DSA), but feels so interesting.


I really love Gazzew U4Tx switches and use these now on all my builds. However, they do require a week or so to really “break in.”


I only gave them a few days. Looks like I need to break them in longer

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