[GB] 5mm Polycarbonate Tray Mount Plate



Design collab between Ion & Noxary.

Price: $60


  • Compatible with any Tray Mount Case
  • 5mm Thick
  • Sandblasted Polycarbonate

Supported Layouts:

  • Regular or Split Backspace
  • Regular or Stepped Caps Lock
  • ANSI Left Shift
  • ANSI Enter
  • Regular or Split Right Shift
  • Regular or Tsangan Bottom Row

Group Buy Information:

  • Starts on 5/24 5PM EDT
  • 3 Month Lead Time
  • MOQ 20, Max 40 Units


Note: This is a PREORDER. Products will be manufactured first, then shipped to you.


Will buy 2. Thanks.


Appreciate the support :hugs:


sold out already.


starts tomorrow


whew. good! 5PM EDT is perfect too since I’ve been getting up at noon PST.


GB Feedback: Good value but $20 shipping for $60 plate stopped me. It would’ve been OK if the plate was a stocked item and I needed it urgently. Maybe I’m just not used to buying from Europe.


Yeah that’s just the latter part unfortunately. I think I’m a bit negative at the $20 rate.

Someone suggested $70 plate with $10 shipping sounds a lot nicer haha


Someone suggested $70 plate with $10 shipping sounds a lot nicer haha

Could have been if I knew what 5mm polycarb plate felt like and liked it. Seems tad steep for experimental purchase. Maybe I’ll catch the future GBs if reviews of this round adds fuel to my curiosity.


I’m sure there will be demand for future rounds :+1: