[GB] Artisan keycaps - Ha long Bay Version 2 is having a drop on Drop.com

Hi guys,

Summer is coming, it is also time for you to prepare for traveling at different beaches in the world. Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is an ideal destination for you this summer, with different archipelagos that have created spectacular views of nature.

To help introduce you to Ha Long Bay, we reworked the keycaps of Ha long Bay. Version 1 only simulates Ha Long Bay symbol with Ga Choi Island. We feel that this is not enough to express the beauty of Ha Long Bay so we have continued to create version 2 with simulations inside different keycaps.

Hope you will come to Ha Long Bay and admire their beauty. I wish you a happy summer vacation.

Currently they have a drop on Drop.com:

You will save $ 10 when buying set. Thank you! :heart:

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