[GB] Artisan - Monarch Butterfly 04.2022


Continuing the work of The Eye Key team - After a period of hiatus from production and opening for sale, this time we bring you a new Butterfly-themed product from The Eye Key.

Butterflies are small, flying, diurnal insects belonging to the order Lepidoptera. Usually they live near flowering bushes to absorb pollen, nectar, and help pollinate flowers. Butterflies can be referred to by type as diurnal butterflies or moths. (according to Wikipedia)

The colorful and varied colors of butterflies inspired The Eye Key team to implement this theme. There are thousands of different types of butterflies in the world, but to make it accessible to everyone, we will first make a Monarch butterfly model. This North American butterfly is famous for its striking orange wings and black border, and it flies in large numbers migrating from the northern and central United States and southern Cadana to Florida and Mexico in the summer and fall every year.

To convey and simulate the scene of Monarch butterflies in flight. The team made the Monarch butterfly pattern with 7 different spaces in the keycaps, including:

***** Monarch - Goldenrod : Goldenrod is a plant with yellow flowers that attracts Monarch butterflies (imgur.com/i3WF9FB), the goldenrod tree depends on pollinators such as butterflies and bees to carry its heavy and large pollen grains while some species have pollen grains light and easily pollinated by the action of the wind. To simulate the action of this butterfly, the Monarch - Goldenrod template is a blend of floral yellow and green with metallic glitter that will make your keyboard really stand out and eye-catching. (reference: thespruce.com/flowers-that-attract-monarch-butteraries-3882326)

***** Monarch - Heaven : Called Heaven, you can imagine a Monarch butterfly flying through the air against a backdrop of a sky of white and blue clouds, adding a bit of iridescence to increase reflections.

***** Monarch - Melange : After watching the 2021 science fiction film Dune based on the novel Dune by writer Frank Herbert, I came to know Melange. Melange is an herb, an essential and most valuable commodity in the Dune universe. Harvesting melange is also dangerous because its only known source is the desert planet Arrakis, and the Melange sediments are guarded by giant sandworms. I have simulated the butterfly flying in space filled with Melange inside the keycap with gold color and glittering iridescence.

***** Monarch - Night Sky : is a Monarch butterfly flying in the night sky (although this butterfly is only active during the day).

***** Monarch - Rainbow : The scene of Monarch butterflies flying in a colorful space, with the name rainbow will show all the colors inside the keycap.

***** Monarch - Sun : Simulate Monarch butterflies flying in the hot space of the sun, demonstrating the endurance and intense vitality of Monarch butterflies.

***** Monarch- Pollution : With this sample we want to reflect the reality of human-caused pollution on earth that has had a great impact on living things and plants. The migration of Monarch butterflies, whether they like it or not, will pass through some areas of air pollution due to human production.

Video: [Artisan keycap] - Monarch Butterfly by The Eye Key - YouTube

Form order: https://forms.gle/Sb3Hb7P3XsZLRcRZ8

Hope you enjoy them, some information about Group-buy this time:

- Specifications:

  • Material: Resin, mica.

  • Profile support: SA R1, OEM

  • Stem: Mx

Handmade 100% .

- Order will include:

  • Keycap

  • namecard

  • Free keycap (gift) when buying 3 keycaps or more.

- Content:

  • GB time: 04/03/2022 - 04/13/2022

  • Expected delivery time: 05/13/2022 - In case of delay, we will notify you in detail via email.

  • International shipping: US,EU: $15, Asia: $10

-------------- Delivery time: - Asia, EU : 14 - 30 days.

  • Australia ~ 15 days.

  • US: 5 - 8 weeks.

  • Payments With Paypal.

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