[GB] Bacca60 Polycarb Edition - April 10th - 3DKeebs.com

Hello Keebfam!

Davis here with a huge announcement! 3DKeebs.com will be responsible for sales of the Bacca60 Polycarb Edition Created by Chewwy & BlindAssasin!

Please join the MechsOnDeck Discord and/or 3DKeebs Discord for more details and questions!

TLDR: 60% Polycarb WKL, Aluminum Weight, Universal 60% PCB compatible, - GB on April 10th @ 12PM CST, 100 units - $360 includes case & plate. PCB is $45

Below is a word from Chewwy!

The Bacca60 is back!

Introducing the Bacca60 Polycarbonate!

This is a Sandwich mount 60% WKL Polycarbonate Keyboard, Designed by myself and BlindAssassin. The case has a 7 degree Typing angle with a brass plate and Aluminum weight. It fits most standard 60% PCBs.

I chose to go with an Aluminum Weight because I am worried that the longevity of putting a brass weight of that size in the board would slowly strip the weight out of the case. The original run of Bacca60 boards had serialized weights but to keep the original run a little special, I will not be doing this for any future runs.

I will be offering the AN-C v2 with this group buy. It will be $45 per PCB. You do not have to buy one if you already have a 60% PCB.

When I originally ran the Bacca60 I had always wanted to try it in Polycarbonate. When I ran the Squid60 I wanted to keep things a little more simple due to time constraints with paying off the vet bill.

I am going to run this board through 3DKeebs. They are a local vendor to me so I will be running QC on the board personally.

The price of the board is $360+Shipping. This includes the case and plate. PCBs and extra plates can be added separately at the time of purchase.

The group buy is April 10th at 12:00pm CT. The group buy will run through the weekend or until the maximum number of boards is reached.

The MOQ is 40 with a maximum of 100 Units for sale.

The timeline of the Squid 60 was around 7 months. I do not foresee it taking longer than this but it is a group buy and delays can happen. I promise to keep you as up to date as possible on everything in regards to timing of the group buy.

If you would like to keep up to date with the group buy join my discord here! Discord

I will also be sending updates via emails through 3dKeebs.

Special thanks to BlindAssassin, 0siristv, Nathanalphaman, Langelandia, Davisthegreat, Upas, >Abracaadaniel, DriftingBunnies, and everyone else who has helped make this buy possible!


Looking at my bag of yellow silks and strawberry lemonade keycaps sitting in the closet…

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Grabbed! Very excited for mine.

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So tempting, I love the looks of this board! Unfortunately I am gonna hold off cause I know the Bacca/Squid boards are stiff bois. Congrats to those who get in on this!

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