[GB] BIOI G60BLE Rev2 PCB + Cora 60%

Neat little BT 60% with a FR plate and no middle stand-off.

The textured anode is pretty interesting. Usually not a fan because I thought the application would be inconsistent, but this looks pretty clean.


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Idk if they’re any better now but play keyboard support was pretty bad for faulty CA66 PCBs. I would not buy from them again.


Good to know buddy. I appreciate that. I’ll leave the post up as a red flag to others. Bummer.

It was a few years ago, perhaps they have improved? I don’t know, my experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I think I recall seeing at least this PCB run before previously, if there weren’t issues with it it’s probably fine? Always worth doing your homework.

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I was thinking about this for using with the KAT Cyberspace bbox but with this warning I’ll stick with the GK64XS even though that firmware is awful, at least it works.

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