[GB] Bride of Darkness Deskmat

Hey guys! First time posting on here so quick introduction but we are Bolsa Keyboard Supply; a SoCal-based keyboard store that really focuses tailoring our product offerings for the custom enthusiast.

I wanted to quickly showcase our first Artist collaborated deskmat dubbed “Bride of Darkness” by artist @1stgardenart (instagram). The deskmat GB started last week and still has one more week before it closes!

Link to GB here

We are always looking for new artists to work with as well so if you’re interested in working together with us give us a holler!

Looking to be a bit more proactive in posting on this medium, so looking forward to chatting with you guys more!


Here’s an image of the deskmat.

Would like to see a prototype up close on her face. It looks blurry in the photo at full scale, but I’m assuming that was upsampled.

We should be receiving our prototype within the next week or two (unfortunately after the GB ends since the holiday in China pushed it back).

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