[GB] BSUN Aniya Switches | LY stem with a full POM housing

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A brief update for everyone: We have started fulfilling the BSUN X Switch GB orders, and we are almost halfway through. After all orders are fulfilled, we will start the BSUN X Switch in-stock sale.

Hi Everyone, this is Dashan from Unikeys. It has been three weeks since I posted the IC of the Aniya switches, and finally, the switches are arriving at our warehouse. We are ready to launch the in-stock sale of the Aniya switches. Please see the details below:


The price of the switch is 0.45 USD per switch.

Link to the Aniya Switches: https://unikeyboards.com/products/bsun-aniya-linear-switch-factory-lubed-edition

Form of Sales

Thanks to PH Studio and BSUN, we will be having the Aniya switches as an in-stock item. The current batch’s quantity is limited, but we will be ordering another batch from the factory once our inventory goes low.

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Time of Sales

June 24th, 12:00 PM ET

Switch Specifications

Switch type: Linear

Manufacturer: BSUN/YOK

Stem material: LY

Top and Bottom Housings: POM

Operating Force: 45g

Bottom-out Force: 50g

Pre-travel: 2.0mm

Total Travel: 3.2mm

Spring: 20mm Single Stage

Factory Lubed: Yes! On spring, stem feet, and stem sliders

Something Special

Let’s start with the material choice regarding the design of the Aniya Switch; The Aniya Switch has a full POM housing and an LY stem. If you have read the X Switch IC/GB post and my comment on the LY material, you might remember that they are currently the smoothest material being used to manufacture switches. This might not be the most accurate way to describe them, but they do have a surface coefficient rate of 0.03 which is the lowest among major switch materials.

The LY material is a proprietary blend that first appeared on JWICK switches such as the SOTC. Even though they are all called LY, there are some major differences between JWICK’s and BSUN’s LY materials as they use different blend ratios. I wouldn’t say one’s blend ratio and formula are superior to another’s as it is simply not the truth. Different blend ratios create different sound signatures in switches. The word on the street is BSUN’s LY material is stiffer than JWICK’s, and when you combine the BSUN’s LY stem with a full POM housing, what you will get is a super smooth switch with a clacky and high-pitched bottom-out.

Besides choices of materials, PH studio also put some thought into the structural design; The Aniya Switch comes with an extended pole and a non-thickened bottom housing. The reason to do so is to create a concentrated sound profile while ensuring the bottom-out feeling is not too stiff or harsh (A major reason why some people hate long pole switches). I know some of you guys prefer switches with shorter stems, and even though the 3.2mm travel distance does look quite scary, they actually do not feel so bad thanks to the design. The Aniya Switch is very balanced with its concentrated sound and bottom-out feel.

The last thing I would like to mention here is BSUN’s factory lubrication process. This is what I learned from them yesterday: Even though the Aniya Switch was released in the year 2022, BSUN’s factory lube has been improving ever since. They will use their newest factory lubrication technique on the newest batches of the Aniya Switches we will be getting. The goal is to make the Aniya switches good-to-go stock to save 2 hours of your life. However, I am afraid to say that BSUN’s factory lubrication is going to be perfect, or any factory’s lubrication technique is ever going to be. I just want to address that some of the switches might need a little bit of your attention to make them better.

Vendor List

Global: Unikeys (https://unikeyboards.com/)

UK and EU Vendor: TBD

Youtube Review Videos:

Keeb Taro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecinig9Oemw&t=25s

Studio20Creations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GEYf6vW-GQ&t=33s

Zzamvvong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GKYVvvQuRQ&t=48s

NearLucid: Premiere on June 24th, 12:00 PM ET

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