[GB] BSUN X Linear Switch / POK and modified LY materials, new factory lube technique

Hi everyone, here is Dashan from Unikeys!
I am more than glad to officially bring you the group buy of the BSUN X Linear Switches!
We released the IC post on April 3rd, and since the IC is out, we have received quite a few positive comments from the community. Thank you, everyone, for supporting this project!

The price of the switch is 0.46 USD per switch.

GB Duration and Fullfilment
The GB will last for 3 weeks (from 4/28 - 5/19). The fulfillment will start 1 month after the GB ends. The date is subject to change, and most likely it will be less than one month. Please join our Discord server to stay tuned: Unikeys. The fulfillment date might vary between different vendors. Check your vendor’s website to learn more.

Switch Specifications
Switch type: Linear
Manufacturer: BSUN/YOK
Stem material: Modified LY
Top and Bottom Housings: POK
Operating Force: 45g
Bottom-out Force: 52g
Pre-travel: 1.6mm
Total Travel: 3.5mm
Factory Lubed: 205 and 105 mix on housing sliders. Dry film lube on the sliders of the stem and on the spring.

Why is the X Switch Unique?
What is so unique about the X switch is its choice of materials. I believe none of you have tried a switch that uses POK as both the top and bottom housing materials. The POK material is uncommon as it just has been introduced to the market by BSUN and JWK. The POK material’s full name is polyketone. Its coefficient of friction is 0.04 which is only higher than LY (0.03) making it the top 2 smoothest material used to make switches. It is also super durable as its wear resistance is 14 times stronger than POM. Its shock resistance is 2.3 times better than Nylon and 1.4 times better than POM. I don’t want to bore you with the statistics, so in conclusion, the POK material makes the switch smooth, clacky, and durable.
The LY stem is fairly new but not uncommon. In recent months, we see LY material being used frequently on JWK switches. LY is known for its smoothness and the high-pitched sound signature that it creates. The most well-known switch with an LY stem is probably the SOTC switch which I believe some of you have already tried. However, the LY material used to manufacture the X Switch is modified to make it even more smooth than the usual version. The design idea behind the choice of materials is to make the switch as smooth as possible, and I will leave it to you to decide if that has been achieved.
The combination of the POK and LY materials is supposed to make the X switch one of the smoothest switches. The precise factory lube application from BSUN ensures that you can use it directly after purchase.

The X Switch is another great work by BSUN. BSUN has been bringing wonderful new custom switches to the Chinese market since the end of the year 2022, but we have noticed that no international vendors have been carrying these great switches. At the price point between 0.4-0.5 USD per switch, BSUN’s switches are very strong contenders. That was one of the most important reasons why I started the X Switch GB project in the first place. After learning about and using the X Switch myself, I believe it is worth being recognized. I hope you would feel the same way if you decided to try them out yourself!

Vendor List
NA Region: Unikeys (https://unikeyboards.com/)
Australia and New Zealand: ALLCAPS.store (https://allcaps.store/)
Singapore and SEA: KTechs.store (TX Stabilizers [Almost Perfect and Revision 3] – ktechs)
Thailand: NTCH Keys (Will be coming later)

Sound Test
X Switch on Roze 65 by Keebaholics from ALLCAPS
X Switch on Zoom 75 by FOFO

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