[GB] Clock Gears Resin Keycap 【US$19.99 Free shipping】



Hi everyone,

The GB for the Clock Gears Resin Keycap is NOW LIVE on our Website HERE.

Sample Video

Sample Images

Keycap Details:
Design Concept: Clock gears never stop, golden memories never fades. We design it for our beloved ones, to thank their love and friendship.
Specs: made with resin and aluminum alloys, OEM profile, Compatible for CHERRY MX, Kailh, Outemu, and Content Switches
Price: US$19.99 Free shipping to 30+ countries
Note: If you are outside these countries, you will see shipping fee when checkout.

Free shipping country list:
Ireland, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Finland, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia Arab, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Singapore, New Zealand, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Hong Kong

Note about Orders and Payment
You can directly make payment at this GB Page. Since no minimum order is required, every live purchase will be treated a final order and you will receive a confirmation email from Velocifire.

Timeline / lead time:
GB opens: Jun 5, 2019 – Jun 13, 2019 (PST)
Production (first 100 Keycaps): Jun 14th to Jun 30th, will update if orders over 100.
Delivery:7-15 days for shipping via Epacket (Starting from July 1st. Free shipping to 30+ countries and areas.)
We will update more details when order increases, but basically, it takes 2 weeks ± to make 100 keycaps.

Giveaway: we will give away 1 keycap, join HERE now!

About Velocifire
Velocifire dedicates to providing mechanical keyboards to MAKE TYPING BETTER. We hope to encourage more and more people to try and enjoy the extraordinary typing experience from an MK not only for gaming, but even for work and study, which require much more daily typing, to maximize productivity. The keycap is our 1st trial, as required by our customers and friends, hope you like it!

Feel free to ask anything!


Why is this being sold in a GB format? The purpose of a group buy is to meet MOQs for things that otherwise cannot be purchased individually. I’m not doubting that Velocifire will deliver on this product, but group buys are inherently dangerous to buyers and artisan keycaps are not really things that are mass produced.

We let smaller community vendors get away with running GBs to minimize their risk by never having to order more than they know will sell. But Velocifire doesn’t present itself as a small community vendor. Trying to minimize your risk by increasing the risk of your customers does not make you look like a very trustworthy company.

If they’re being made in batches of 100, why not just make 100 and sell them like a normal product?


Thanks for your advice. We just want to reduce the risk of our customers, because our customers have the needs. No matter how many people like it, we can also ship it to our customers.