[GB] Coldtop Topre Deskmat!

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A deskmat for Topre enthusiasts!

Running from the 28th July to the 28th August worldwide!

Based on a genuine truck sticker this design has been rearranged to translate better to a mat. An adorable mascot paired with a logo we all love will be sure to make this the splash of colour your desk needs.

Your deskmat will be delivered in a custom box styled like a classic Realforce box, brown cardboard with nods to Topre’s own packaging all throughout. Not only that, but each mat will come with a replica sticker of the one this mat is based on!

900x400mm in size
4mm thickness
White edge stitching to match the sticker
Custom packaging designed to mimic a classic Realforce box
Replica sticker included with each order

KumaMech - USA/CA
mykeyboard.eu - EU
Protozoa - UK - Listing coming soon!
Daily Clack - OCE
Monokei - SEA

More images!


Saw this on discord, looks sick dude.

It has been ordered!

Those stickers though, oh man, I do hope you sell them separately at some point.

As a topre fanboy this has been an instant buy for me :star_struck:

Yo this is awesome! I’ll be in it to win it

Deskmat of the year right here, so good i’m buying two!

This is awesome, thank you. Just placed the order.

I’m such a goober and missed out on this. Do you know if there are going to be any extras?

Same :sob: I’m down for an R2

Definitely going to be extras available for each region so watch out for them after fulfillment :slight_smile:


So the Kumamech site appears to now show it as a “parked domain” and I can not look up my order info. Does this mean that our chances of getting this deskmat is gone along with my money?

I’ve learned these folks changed their name to Polartype, but didn’t bother to tell any of their existing customers of this change. In addition, their new site, Polartype.com, is also put on hold claiming they’re doing fulfillment.

This is pretty shady.

They’ve moved (for some reason with no redirect) https://polartype.com/

Support can also be reached via their discord Discord

Fulfilment is close, definitely not an exit scam on their part. Just some bad communication in terms of a rebrand which is creating some pretty understandable confusion.

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Kumamech becomes Polartype without notifying existing customers of the change and I’m supposed to not think this is a scam?

Sorry man, I appreciate you trying to vouch for them, but you’ll have to forgive me for not finding it very reassuring.

You’re welcome to feel that way and imo the concern is understandable. I’m just as frustrated as customers, possibly more, in terms of how uncommunicative they’ve been.

All I can offer is the info I’ve provided and confirmation that all mats are en route to vendors, with some already receiving theirs.

Sorry, and I don’t want you to feel like this is directed at you, just the vendor. I just found out about this when I was checking on my order status. So it rustled my jimmies something fierce because I hate the feeling of being scammed, as I’m sure others do as well.

It seems I don’t keep up as well as others as far as these changes goes, but it also sounds like this Kumamech/Polartype guy is probably someone to avoid in the future.

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