[GB] Coldtop Topre deskpad, sleeve, t-shirts, hoodies and sticker

Peter from Mechfashion here. :sunglasses:

I’m happy to show you the Coldtop Topre collection - deskpad, sleeve, t-shirts, hoodies and stickers! :cool:
Big shoutout to nostyle.systems for allowing me to use this design!

Check the collection here: Coldtop Topre - mechfashion.com

GB dates: April 25, 2022 – May 25, 2022

Thank you so much & have a great day! :wink:


So fun. Any chance you could include the physical dimensions on the product page for the cases (In addition to the example cases it fits)?

Thanks for your feedback! That sounds like a good idea, I will add it in May. (once I have more free time)

Hey Peter!

I would absolutely love to buy a coldtop beer koozie. I know it’s not really the scope of the market, but I’d use it just the same.

Best of luck with your GB :grin:


Whoa, I would have never thought about beer koozie. Maybe… during the next GB. :sweat_smile:

Any idea which sleeve would be a fit for the heavy grail?

Dimensions are 320x129x33mm

Please pick the 65% size but in the Order Notes let me know that β€œThe sleeve should fit the Heavy Grail (320x129x33mm)”, thanks!


Thanks! Order placed.

Thank you! <3

The Coldtop Topre deskpad is also available on my new website dedicated to deskpads with fresh designs β†’ Coldtop Topre - deskpads.gallery :star_struck:

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