[GB] Conone 65 LIVE NOW NOW

[GB] Conone 65 by Kindakeyboards

Hi everybody,

The Group Buy for the Conone 65 will be running from February 15th until March 14th
The starting price for a Conone 65 kit is 410 EUR (Worldwide shipping incl.)
Only 90 units are available.

Link to the Store: https://forms.gle/nEFTxzBxy4KDm3nG8
Link to Website: https://kindakeyboards.be/Conone65

Now that a prototype has been made and tested we’ve been able to make some final decisions. You can find all of the specifics below!

Short Spec Summary

  • 65%
  • Case material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Typing angle: 5 degrees
  • USB-C connector
  • solder in PCB
  • 4 rubber feet
  • 1,5 mm thick plate
  • Mounting method:
    • Case: Magnetic mounting
    • Plate: Screw mounting

What’s in the box?

  • Conone 65 Case
  • Conone 65 Plate
  • Conone 65 Main PCB
  • Conone 65 Daughter board
  • Rubber feet
  • The required screws + some spare ones
  • Kindakeyboards Sticker
  • Certificate of authenticity


There will be 4 different color options for our Conone 65 case:

Anodized versions:

  • Trapped bleu
  • Shady green
  • Deep Black

Coated version:

  • Stormtrooper white (+40 EUR)

Color option Gallery:

  • Trapped Blue

  • Shady Green

  • Deep Black

  • Stormtrooper White

Plate layout options
There will be 4 different plate layouts available, all of them do support split left shift and split backspace.

  • ANSI 6,25u bottom row

  • ANSI 7u bottom row

  • ISO 6,25u bottom row

  • ISO 7u bottom row

Plate Material
All of the options above will be available in a variety of materials to go with your prefered typing style:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass (+18 EUR)
  • Copper (+36 EUR)

We do recommend you to have a look at the first Conone 65 IC if you are particularly interested why we chose certain partners for this project. The info that’s given about the color options and plate materials in the first IC has changed and will be discussed here.

Link to IC 1: https://www.notion.so/IC-Conone-by-Kindakeyboards-ee905f03f8d84e7e90a4562573e12404

Conone 65 details

The Conone 65 Kit consists out of two main aluminum case parts , one of our four plates in the material of your choice and a Conone 65 PCB combo , that includes the main PCB and the complementing daughterboard. Some feet and the appropriate mounting screws will be in this package as well.

Spare parts will also become available later.

Conone 65 Case

With our Conone Case we want to bring out a case that resembles a sleek and clean design language, therefore we decided to go with a magnetic mounting solution to keep the top and bottom case part together. This will end in a super clean looking and sleek keyboard case. To make sure this case is held together as solid as screw-mounted cases, there will be a total of 5 magnetic mounting points .

The plates will be screwed into the bottom part using 8 screws . The plate is shaped so that a pleasurable amount of flex can be delivered to our Typers.

The Conone 65 case can easily be taken apart because of the magnetic mounting system. The fact that the plate, pcb and switches can be taken out as a whole by unscrewing the 8 screws that hold the plate to the bottom case part will also deliver you a more pleasant building experience.

The case is tilted at a 5 degree angle and milled out of 6061 aluminum . Switches, which are not included in the kit, will need to be soldered into the PCB. The PCB will connect to your device using its USB-C port , a cable for this will not be included either.

The Conone 65 case was designed and machined in Belgium, this will bring to you a high quality mechanical keyboard that’s been made with details and precision in mind. Salvun, the man who is machining them, is known for the insanely high quality he delivers. Nothing leaves his shop unless the finishes on it are perfect.

Only 90 of them are available in this GB.

Conone 65 Gallery:
(These are pictures of the prototypes, not all of them were completely build)


Important links!

kindakeyboards website http://kindakeyboards.be/

kindakeyboards instagram https://www.instagram.com/kindakeyboards/

kindakeyboards twitter https://twitter.com/kindakeyboards

kindakeyboards discord server https://discord.gg/EggtSYj

salvun instagram https://www.instagram.com/salvun/

maarten instagram https://www.instagram.com/maartenwut/

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Wow this thing’s a beast!

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Would love to see a typing test and a video of how the case goes together.


Wow, what a beauty! Wish my preferred build wasn’t going to be over $500usd though :dollar::dollar::dollar:

We’ll put that online this week! Thanks

There are only 90 units available tho, the board will keep its value!

What a BIG CHONK of a board! I 'll be covering this tomorrow in TWIK :slight_smile:

Sounds Awesome! Would you like me to send you some of the pics personally?

If they are higher quality than the ones you have here or one your website, sure thing, you can send me a link to the album via PM.

If they’re the same quality, I can go through and “save as” all of the pictures later

Alright! Quality is the same! xo

Conone 65 Typing test live! https://youtu.be/VeuUcrazwMw (in 9 minutes)

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Sounds lovely

How tall is the front lip? What strength are the magnets? I’m just curious about how difficult it will be to pry apart after it’s got a loaded plated installed.

Hi everyone, Conone 65 GB is live! Shop yours here: https://forms.gle/KEumL7kET2eXAQss8… 90 Units are available, and worldwide shipping is included in the price! Instagram: https://instagram.com/kindakeyboards/?hl=nl… Website: https://kindakeyboards.be

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Are they going to be numbered or serialized? Just voicing that it might be a good idea to somehow mark the first 90 so they don’t get mixed up with future reruns (if any ever happen).

Also what happened to the 1/10 founders edition? Maybe all 90 can be a founders edition. Just tossing that out there.

IMO it would be nice to get a Canone that’s somehow individually unique. Just a small personal thing but not a big deal if it causes production complications or if majority of the others in the GB don’t like the idea of a numbered keeb.

did you already sell them all? Form says closed

It’s closed now. Pretty sure it sold out. The update was on Instagram but he should also update the post to let people know.