[GB] DCS Alps White on Black (WoB) - Extras are live!

DCS Alps WoB extras are now live!

Keycap Extras
Plate Extras

Board Renders

DCS Alps WoB is currently live!

Want to get into Alps but don’t know where to start? Pick up a set of DCS Alps keycaps in a timeless colorway, and maybe grab some plates and switches while you’re at it.

Vendors (where to buy):


  • Offering 7 kits - Base, Numpad, Spacebar, 40’s, ISO, Macros, Relegendables
  • Base kit is priced at $120 in the US
  • Kit Renders

General Information

  • Keycaps are doubleshot ABS plastic, white (WFK) on black (NN), produced by Signature Plastics (SP)
  • Profile is DCS 1-1-2-3-4-4
  • Switch mounts are Alps, stabilizer mounts are MX.
  • GB will run August 31 to September 30 with estimated fulfillment Q3 2023.
  • MOQs are: Base (200), Numpad (50), Spacebar (75), 40’s (50), ISO (25), Macros (50), Relegendables (75)
  • Disclaimer: by design, Alps keycap stems are more fragile than MX stems. Please carefully remove keycaps with a wire puller, don’t yank them at an angle! Vendors are not responsible for broken stems.

Exclusive NOS Alps Switches & Plates

Bear Cables (ships worldwide, except UK) will be offering new-old-stock (NOS) Alps SKCM White and forged carbon fiber plates.

  • SKCM White are a medium-weight, clicky switch that can be made linear by simply removing the click leaf, if desired. Unfortunately, quantities of SKCM White are limited, and will be sold FCFS.
  • Plates offered will all be approximately 1.1mm thick and made of forged carbon fiber. Four designs will be offered - 60% (gummy o-ring & tray mount), Jane V1, Jane V2, and Jane V2 CE. These four designs will be compatible with dozens of different boards. Plate files will be released sometime after GB.


Updates will be posted here and Discord

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Glad you posted here. I’m getting a set and a plate and switches! Managed to pick up a H87 pcb on sale this weekend for my Jane. Will be an epic build in the end.

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Thank you for your support!

GB closes in two weeks! Please consider spreading the word with your friends :slight_smile:

Current MOQ progress*: Base (42/200), Numpad (12/50), Spacebar (13/75), 40’s (10/50), ISO (3/25), Macros (7/50), Relegendables (11/75)

*numbers are of 09/13 and exclude ZFrontier numbers


Will the plates be available post GB? Definitely want to grab a set of keycaps and switches but don’t have a build planned for the near future.

There will be a finite quantity of extra plates sold in-stock sometime down the line, after GB units ship :slight_smile:

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1 week remaining! Consider sharing the word with your friends that may be interested! :slight_smile:

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Less than 24-48 hours remaining to buy (depending on vendor)!

Make sure to get in your last minute orders and share with your Alps friends ! :slight_smile:

DCS Alps WoB extras are now live! All keycap kits are available in varying quantities, and some 60% and Jane v2 ME/CE plates are available too. No extra switches, sorry.
Keycap Extras
Plate Extras


Woohoo! I’m happy to see these extras available :slight_smile:

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