[GB] DCS Classic $80

DCS Classic is a take on the beige and gray sets of old but with compatibility for 40% keyboards.

This group buy is running through this coming Friday June 4th.

The sets are expected to take about 3 months to produce.

The large space bars (9.75, 10) will have 7u stab mounts.


Why no renders?
I run these sets very streamlined and with little markup. If you’ve seen or purchased previous sets from me, you’ll know they always turn out great. I opt to spend less on the marketing to deliver a better value to you.


Bro I just swore off more keyboard stuff for the rest of the summer. Oh well. opens wallet

At least it’s a good deal :joy:

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PBT Dye Sub or Doubleshot Abs?

I am probably in either way.

Double shot abs

Then definitely in! After the disaster that was DCS Alps Throwback, I have been somewhat leery of DCS dye sub. Ultimately it was why I didn’t join DCS Delft.

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At about 50 orders right now. GB closes end of day tomorrow.

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Might buy this just for that 10u and icons

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I thought SP only did big centered Alphas. :hushed:

Any more info on what went wrong with Alps Throwback?

I joined Delft based on the samples SP supplied and they looked pristine, better than I could have expected.

Misaligned legends that ran off of keys. Colors that look nothing like the render.

MrKeebs did a live unboxing and was shocked.

I do believe SP has upped their QC since then. Good luck!

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