[GB] DCS Red Alert R3 at DixieMech ending soon!

GB Dates: April 3 to April 30

Price: $119.99 + shipping

Delivery: Q3 2020

Site: DixieMech


NOTE: The keycaps have been rendered in cherry profile. The purpose of these renders are to only give an estimate of the colorway. The end product may vary in color. And it WILL vary in profile and the legend font.

Renders by Abec13

Base Kit:

Additional GB Information:

The GB is being ran through DixieMech’s fulfillment service explained here: https://dixiemech.com/fulfillmentservices.

To keep the price low and also meet the requirement of Dixie’s fulfillment service, only one base kit is being offered. As per the fulfillment service requirements, no proxies are being offered. For that I apologize. I, myself, am located outside of NA. I suggest using proxy shipping services. I’ve linked two below that I’ve personally used. Both have great shipping rates, have options to remove invoices, allow user set values for customs declaration, and allow consolidation of multiple packages.

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Rebel / Red Alert is a classic colorway. It has had many variants but the one that I love the most and the one that is running is all Red on White with the option of a White on Red num-row which has been extended to the navigation cluster. The original colors were WFK for white and RBV for red. However, the red has been changed to RDD, a stock color, to keep the prices down. I have also opted for text + icon modifiers.


Why DCS? Isn’t it thin?

I’m sticking with tradition of the previous rounds. Also, it’s been quite a while since the last DCS GB for MX switches. I thought I would mix it up a bit in the current field of keyset IC’s. Finally, the thinness is part of its charm, adding a bit of clack.

Why not icon modifiers?

I have a strong dislike for purse caps lock and x-box backspace. I have not found evidence that SP has a different icons for these keys. This would mean that new molds would have to be made and thus increasing the price.

GeekHack GB Thread: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=105473.0