[GB] DCS Wyse Compatibility 2020 - extended and final week!

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I was remiss in not posting this sooner, but hopefully late is better than never.

Brought to you by Salt Rock Lamp and Luffy, the DCS Wyse Compatibility 2020 group buy has been extended and is in its final week! This is an adapter kit, aka a “Moogle kit”, for vintage Wyse keycaps.

For the latest information and updates, always check the Geekhack thread.

Where do I buy it?

There are 5 places to buy these caps:

Kits, Pricing, and MOQ

All the available kits are shown here. Note that pricing might vary slightly across regions.

Kit Price (USD) Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
PC Enhanced $35.50 75
ASCII $29.00 50
Numpad / 1800 $17.00 25
Small Form Factor $29.50 25
Blue Accent $11.50 25

The PC Enhanced kit is to use caps from a Wyse PC Enhanced (aka PCE) keyboard.

The ASCII kit is enough to use caps from an ASCII layout keyboard, such as the WY60. It also works on the ubiquitous DEC-layout “Gate Array” keyboards. You will usually need to buy both the PCE and ASCII kits.

ASCII and Gate Array keycaps have text-only modifier legends in a nonstandard top-left position, while the PC Enhanced keycaps have text+icon modifiers in standard center-left position. Signature Plastics DCS legends are positioned center-left, so I am choosing legends to match the PC Enhanced design. The ASCII and Gate Array modifiers will still look good with this kit, but it won’t be a perfect 1:1 match.


This set uses Signature Plastics stock ABS colors:

  • Dark gray: GTD
  • Light gray: GSX
  • Blue legends: BBI
  • Yellow legends: YY

See here for a photo of these colors in real life.

Several color schemes were used on these keyboards under different brand names. This keyset is designed to match the standard blue-and-gray Wyse color scheme. But it should also look good alongside any other neutral-colored DCS keycaps.

Note that some keysets might be be in worse condition (i.e. more yellow) than others. It is typically easy to restore them by ultrasonic cleaning followed by “retrobrighting” (see here for more information).

Complementary projects

Also, I am working on some complementary projects, which will go forward if the main keyset reaches MOQ:

  • An auxiliary Winkeys group buy, featuring the OG Windows logo as seen here – this will be just 4-6 keys and should be under $20.
  • An auxiliary ISO keys group buy, due to popular demand (and outcry) when it was excluded from the main GB. I am working on having this proxied separately through the UK. It will be 2-4 keys and the price should be under $20.
  • A “minimalist” deskmat, which will feature an abstract geometric design paying homage to the Wyse logo and color scheme
  • A “degenerate” deskmat and/or die-cut stickers, which will prominently feature a sexy female character, also in Wyse colors and styling that evokes the original Wyse keyboards :wink: The character design is currently a work in progress.

All of the above will be bundled with main GB shipping when possible. They will not be sold through my current vendors, but I will do my best to keep international/intercontinental shipping reasonable from the USA.

Social media

Come follow us on Instagram! @salt_rock_keyboards and @luffy_kr.

We will post occasional GB updates on Reddit, but the Geekhack thread will always contain the most up-to-date information.

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