[GB] Drageris - Dragon artisan keycaps - The adventure begins

Born and raised in the Dragon Realm, these creatures have different powers and carry their own fate! To begin the Drageris’s mission, some of them will have to go on a new expedition in search of the destined master who can unleash their full potential…
Where will this journey take them to?
Do you think you can tame one of these dragons? Cause they will be ready to enter your keeb realm to search for their true master.

The Drageris Group Buy will be available from 12th to 19th of October

A handmade product of Crystal Pieces

  • Material: Resin casting
  • Profile: SA R3/ Cherry R1 and compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
    *Please note that the back/tail part of the dragon is not included in the package, it is the accessories for the photoshoot!

International shipping ($7)
Estimated delivery time: 3-4 weeks after when the GB ends
Payment will be collected at checkout. Please check the updates of the order in your email.

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