[GB] DSA Scientific (production)

dun worry

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As of May 7:



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Just a reminder that the group buy ends today!

Upvote for visibility: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/bmx61u/scientific_on_race_3_buy_ends_today/

Thanks everyone for all the support.



Just joined! Can’t wait for this set.

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As of May 9:


Final order numbers:

These numbers don’t include the extras that TKC and myself will buy.

We should be placing the order either tomorrow (Friday, May 17) or Monday. I need to confirm some details with SP, first.

I will, of course, keep you updated.


Great update! Can’t wait to get my set in hand. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad I got in on these, it’s literally my first keycap set purchase ever


Numpad really pulled up there at the end. Glad to see ortho did well.

Yes! As mentioned on geekhack, we added a teal 1u “=” key to the Numpad kit, as well as a 1u “Fn” key to the TKL kit.

I placed the order and the proxies should get their invoices shortly.

I still need to confirm some things with SP about the graphics for the novelties.


I apologize for linking to geekhack, but re-formatting this post would be a pain:

I made a poll about the novelty legend sizes:

Participate if you care! Either option would be fine, imo.


(Copied from geekhack)

Hey… it’s me, the DSA Scientific guy…


✓ Order placed
✓ Graphics
✓ Payment
☐ Production (started)

The order was placed shortly after the group buy ended. About ~1 week to compile the proxies’ numbers and evaluate how many extras we would each get. Well over 100 in total.

The vectors graphics were finalized and approved a while back. We re-confirmed various details about the legends (eg. equal size Numpad symbols, scale of novelties, etc.)

All our proxies (ahem) have finally paid, just last week. There was an error in the invoice SP sent, and it took an extra week to get the updated invoices. The good news is, detecting the error now means less delays in the future.

We were quoted at 10 weeks (~end August) for production end/shipping. However, that included several weeks for in-house custom colour matching, which was already done (last year!) when I ordered the samples. So, there’s potential for cutting down production time quite a bit, depending on whether they need to redo the colour matching. I haven’t got a newer time estimate (other than 10 weeks). For now, they have started to work on various molds. Therefore, we can say that, for all practical purposes, production has started!

I will update when I have further information.



Thanks for the update! Excited for the product!