[GB] DSS 420 - a 40% Keyset

Oops, I forgot to post a GB thread here

Surprise!! Due to the holiday weekend and how hectic it will be for me, I have decided to launch the Group Buy today. Launch time is set for 4:20pm CDT!! Also, the timeframe for the GB has changed. The Group Buy runs May 7th - June 6th.

DSS 420 is a 40% keyset that supports most staggered 40% keyboard layouts, as well as Planck/Ortho. The set uses stock green ABS colors from Signature Plastics.


The Group Buy runs May 7th - June 6th

  • Base kit: $100 (MoQ 100)
  • Normie kit with Preonic/60%/65%ish support $50 (MoQ 75)
  • Color codes: VV, VAT
  • Doubleshot ABS in DSS profile (1-2-3-4-3 sculpt)
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics
  • Estimated manufacturing time is 10 weeks after order placed with SP
  • Estimated Shipping: Mid/Late August
  • Trashcon Icons by Trashman
  • Renders by MakerJake
  • Novelties by Fu11.meta1
  • $4.20 discount on your order for anyone who joined DSS Drank!! Email 40percentkeyboards@gmail.com with your Drank order number for a code.
  • Vendor: https://keyboardarcade.xyz/
  • Join the discussion on the 40% Discord


We are currently at 16 Base Kits and 8 Normie kits sold.


Update 5/14/2021: Current orders are at 20 Base Kits and 8 Normie kits sold. We tried an experiment with a shorter Group Buy period, but may extend this to a full month to allow more people the opportunity to get in who’s circumstances won’t allow them to get in on the original time frame. Look for an official extension/update sometime next week!!


Hope this makes it to MOQ! another fire set as always Mike.

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Update 5/18/2021: Current orders are at 21 Base Kits and 10 Normie kits sold. The Group period has been extended to run from May 7th - June 6th.

Update 5/18/2021: Current numbers are 25 Base Kits and 12 Normies sold. We have over 2 weeks left in the Group Buy period.

Current numbers are 30 Base Kits and 14 Normies sold. We have 2 weeks left in the Group Buy period. I’ve decided to lower MoQ’s for both kits. MoQ for the Base kit is now 75 and the Normie Kit is 50. The Base kit is looking good and will likely hit, especially with the extras that I plan to purchase. The Normie kit needs a boost, but if we get close enough there could be a possible buy out of that MoQ. I know I previously said there wouldn’t be a Normie buy out, but any that I purchase will be sold as extras (at a slightly higher price) after group buy participants have their sets. So if you want to take advantage of GB pricing, don’t let it pass you by. Keep in mind, however, that if the Normie kit doesn’t get close to the new MoQ, there is a possibility that it won’t get made. Believe me, my intention is to have both kits made and I’m excited that we may see them on our keyboards in just a few months!! Anyway, sorry for the long-winded update. I just wanted to make things as transparent as possible. Thank you for supporting this project and stay tuned for more updates!!

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Hey everyone. Just an update on numbers. We currently have orders for 35 Base Kits and 17 Normie Kits. There are about 9 days currently left in the Group Buy.

Ok…here’s the bad news. I have decided to cancel the Normie Kit, as reaching MoQ is most likely not going to happen by the end of the Group Buy. If you ordered the Normie Kit, you should have received an email already explaining the decision. For those who are will still remain in the Group Buy, don’t worry about MoQ right now. The base kit will totally be made as long as we hit 50 orders (not counting the extras I’m buying). I apologize for such a rough GB. It was my intention for everything to hit and get made.

The email:


It is with much sadness that I must announce the cancelation of the DSS 420 Normie kit. With roughly 1 week left in the Group Buy time period, we currently have only 17 orders for the Normie kit. After the MoQ was lowered from 75 to 50, the Normie Kit became a break even kit. Any more lowering of MoQ and cost on my end would go up exponentially. Therefore, it is neither feasible for me to eat the costs nor pass the cost on to you guys. Sales of the kit have stalled so much that it looks like it will not reach MoQ before the end of the Group Buy. I know that I originally put in the disclaimer that if the kit didn't reach MoQ, that your orders would receive a partial refund. With that said, I have decided to give you 2 choices on what you would like to do.

* Keep your current order and receive a refund in the amount of the Normie Kit
* Cancel your whole order and receive a full refund

Please reply to this email, as soon as possible, with your order number and let me know what your decision is. I'm deeply sorry about this turn of events.

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We are in the final push, as the Group Buy officially ends this weekend. The setback of cancelling the Normie Kit currently puts Base Kit numbers at 31. In order to finish strong and get the set made, I have decided to set an unofficial goal of 50 sets sold. This will include extras and personal sets that I already planned on purchasing. Doing this will make the Group Buy pretty close to break even, but I’m not concerned about making a profit, as much as I want to see this set on my boards and your’s. The Group Buy has been rocky, which is my fault and I do apologize for that. I appreciate everyone who has participated and those who have encouraged me throughout the buy. With all that said, I want to explain the plans for the buy after this weekend. On Sunday, I’ll take a look at numbers and if we are close enough, the buy will officially end as planned. If the goal hasn’t met by then, we go into somewhat of a bonus round. I will extend the buy for 1 week or until the goal of 50 is hit. That means, after this Sunday, the GB will become FCFS until we hit 50 and then it will close. If the bonus week ends and we haven’t hit, I will start the process of refunding everyone’s orders, as I don’t want to tie up anyone’s money any further. Again, I apologize for this being such a crazy ride, but I hope that this buy becomes a success and I can submit our order with SP in the next week or so. Thank you guys so much!

:heart: -Mike


This is the final push!! Let’s finish this Group Buy out tonight!! The store page will be up until Sunday night, so it could be your last chance to join in.

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Alright, the GB is officially closed. We sold a total of 41 Base kits (before extras). I’ll be requesting an invoice from SP in the next few days and paying it promptly, so we can get on the DSS manufacturing schedule. Thanks to everyone who joined in!!

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Hello, and thank you so much to those who joined the group buy. I just submitted a request for an invoice from Signature Plastics. I’ll update you guys when it’s paid and, once our slot is secure, give you a better idea of when these will ship to me and then you!!

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Props to you for going through with this with such a small run. I imagine there is no profit in it for you at such a small MOQ.


Yeah, it became break even-ish towards the end, but I had to get it made for the 40% community. Love them guys :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:


I just paid the invoice from SP. The estimated ship to me date is set for 8/31/2021. :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:


The caps are here and will be shipped out this Saturday!!