[GB] DSS Carpinteria

DSS Carpinteria is live today. Pretty sweet looking set. Muted solarized vibes.

This link is for USA but has all the shops for other regions listed as well.


The set isn’t really for me, but the associated new KTT tactiles? Now that’s got my interests piqued.


Yeah, and they’ve received the least explanation of anything for what they are.

At least 3DKeebs provided a link to the review.

I am tired of these long-pole switches, though. I might have gone for it if it was regular-pole. Seems like it has decent characteristics, overall.

Description may be sort of minimal because the owner of 3Dkeebs is currently recovering from being hit by a drunk driver :cry:
They will be okay though (details in their discord)

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That’s sorry to hear. They are doing a good job regardless.

What I meant in the previous post is that 3Dkeebs actually did a better job than most in describing the switches, as other outlets have not provided such details.