[GB] Dwarven Treasure - The Dwarven Chest

Treasure for Your Keyboard - Treasure our Dwarven Chest

A dwarf’s natural habitat is tucked away in the mines and caves. Of course, they wouldn’t hang out deep in the rocks if there wasn’t anything worthwhile nearby. These dwarven chests, made from resin, are loaded with gemstones from the farthest reaches of the globe.

Designed for the backspace key, the chests are trapezoidal and armed with a dwarven crest on the front. Inside are piles of precious treasure in all types of colors. Some keycaps are even translucent to allow backlighting to shine through. As each keycap is made by hand, no two will be exactly alike.

Now, it’s time for you to treasure your keyboard with our treasure chest!!

Chest now is live on Massdrop: Dwarf Factory The Dwarven Chest Backspace Artisan | Mechanical Keyboards | Keycaps | Artisan Keycaps | Drop

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Best artisans, I hope they are not that sharp though