[GB]Electrostatic keyboard 9009 Pbt dye-sub keycaps 11-5 update


Yes, there will be in the future


Or a “Muted” variant!


Have there been any updates about when R1 will ship? I am still anticipating my base kit, spacebars, and mod pro.


The MOD has started production and the mold has been confirmed this week


Aside from the wonky right shift, I’m loving this set! (Blue space bar also from kbdfans)


I don’t understand how they think it’s okay to ship out these sets with severely twisted keys. I’ll contact support should mine be jacked (it is on it’s way), but why make us go through the hassle when they know it’s a problem before shipping.


I agree, that’s pretty disappointing. I really hope mine doesn’t turn out to be like this as well.


I have confirmed with the factory before, they said they had adjusted it, I did not test again,This is our mistake, I’m very sorry, the next batch will fix this problem, this problem can be solved by heating stem, putting it on the keyboard, Correct it with hands.and then waiting for it to cool down. It will be fixed