[GB]Electrostatic keyboard 9009 Pbt dye-sub keycaps 11-5 update

This key cap is compatible with topre interfaces, such as HHKB TYPE-S,HHKB PRO2.HHKB JP. RF87(6U SPACEBAR),RF104(6U SPACEBAR),LEOPOLD FC660C,LEOPOLD FC980C.

GB link :click it


  • PBT plastic

  • Dye-sub

  • Compatible with topre interface

  • KBDfans made


HHKB JP 16USD (It is compatible with the HHKB layout in Japan, because the mould is new, so it needs to wait 65 days to make the mould, and the whole production time may take 3 months)
SPACEBAR KIT 10USD (Contains 2 spacebar, retail price of one spacebar is 6.9USD! So this kit is very cheap)
MOD PRO KIT 9USD (If your keyboard is 660c, 980c needs to buy this kit)


We are afraid of the delay, so the delivery time is 2 months(The production is expected to be completed within one month. If the order is particularly large, we will specify the exact time after the group purchase.), and the group purchase time is 20 days

August 17th stop buying for purchase,

The order was shipped on October 17th ,Freeshipping all over the world,The default delivery is 4px(10-12days). If you want to use DHL(5-7), please choose to upgrade the DHL service when you check out.

If your order amount is more than 100USD, you don’t need to choose to upgrade DHL service. We will upgrade to DHL service for free.

MOR PRO KIT, HHKB JP KIT, Nordic KIT, November 17th order shipment

The mold has been made and it is expected to ship all orders in November. 11-5


This looks nice, I’m in.

Any chance for the ISO kit to include NorDe support (for the 88U) as well as the colored enter keys (like in the HHKB JP kit)?

I joined GB. I been waiting for this kit for my Leopold FC660C. I also have the R2 9009 MX kit from KBDfans and I have been very satisfied with the quality.

Any update on progress?
Everything still on track?
Any video on typing comparison on this vs. Stock keycap?

Base kit has been produced, mod pro and HHKB jp have not been finished

Thanks for update. A picture would be great :smile:

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I got my set today. The legends look pretty good. The caps themselves are smaller than my Realforce caps, so they leave larger gaps, which may or may not bother you. What does bother me about these caps is the sound. It makes my Realforce sound like a cheap Dell rubber dome. I can only describe it as a rattling on the key release.

Sure hope keycaps will sound better on HHKB. Got KeyClack v2 padding installed so that may help too.

Any typing sound videos? :smiley:

Rattling is exactly why I didn’t jump on board with these. Too bad because the images of these are super nice looking.

Received HHKB 9009 set today and, with KeyClack v2 padding, I don’t hear any rattling.

Hey @KBDfans, any idea when all sets will be shipped? Still waiting, just curious :slight_smile:

I pinged KBDfans on OCT 25th, they said they were waiting for the mod pro kits to come in before shipping my order.

Ahh, that’d make sense, I had that kit on my order. Thanks!

Please add the Realforce R2 kit!

When R2? :smiley:

R2 please!!!

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Please wait for some time. All the R1’s have not been shipped yet

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to join R2 very soon.

I want a set to cover my Leopold FC660C × Norbauer’s Heavy-6.

Plus a set for my Type-S.

Hope to see other colorways introduced in the future eg 10th anniversary edition keycaps