[GB] EnjoyPBT Extended 2048


nothing wrong with having too many switches, i am trying to justify picking some up myself but i’m having an almost coming out of the closet experience with linear switches, i keep denying it by getting all these tactile switches and putting them in my boards, but im always slightly unsatisfied think i prefer linears lol


There’s currently some pink gat linears on mechmarket as a GB if you’re interested! My friend has them and says with some lube they’re fantastic.


This reply perfectly captures my thought process when purchasing switches.


Switch hoarding? No idea what you’re talking about…


wasn’t very active lately, sorry guys…

Current numbers:

Kit Sold
Base kit 274
Calc kit 99
Icono kit 189
Intl kit 36
Nomad kit 113
Six pack 34
Torii kit 117
Nav kit 89
Koala switches 9813


Any update on keycap samples?


@biip Do you have any sound samples or any feedback regarding the Koala switches, and how they might differ from regular T1s or the black translucent T1s? Might be in anyway for m e m e but want to check and see if the sound might be different due to the housing.


Not yet.
Communication with KBDFans has been kinda difficult these last days.


That’s a shame to hear, although I’m not surprised considering the wave of feedback I’m sure they’re getting. Those sample pics were all from Wei then, I’m guessing?


He should be able to send me pics of the keycaps samples too soon apparently!


Looking forward to it, thanks biip!


Looks like there’s a lot of wiggle room for that stem, now that I take a closer peek at it. Am I wrong?


So, sorry to say that but Koalas switches are canceled.
I don’t have clear informations but I assume KBDFans will explain somewhere why.

Aslo, numbers are impressive, thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Current numbers:

Kit Sold
Base kit 376
Calc kit 129
Icono kit 255
Intl kit 43
Nomad kit 155
Six pack 48
Torii kit 172
Nav kit 109


Last day to join the GB!

Current numbers:

Kit Sold
Base kit 540
Calc kit 194
Icono kit 365
Intl kit 59
Nomad kit 229
Six pack 67
Torii kit 270
Nav kit 151


Final numbers:

Kit Sold
Base kit 553
Calc kit 202
Icono kit 379
Intl kit 72
Nomad kit 236
Six pack 69
Torii kit 270
Nav kit 156
Total 1947

Thanks you all for the awesome support.
I should receive the samples very soon!
I will keep you in touch here :slight_smile:


Will extra’s be available on KBDFans ?


Of course :slight_smile:


this is my first BG. I’ll follow this thread for updates, right?


Congrats on tour first GB!
Yeah, I’ll post all the updates here :wink:


Is there any way to join the GB late? I just missed the last day :frowning: