[GB] EnjoyPBT Extended 2048

Initial IC thread

Group Buy info

Group buy will last from April 19th to May 19th.


EPBT Extended 2048
Koala switch

Candykeys [EU proxy]
Set + switch


Rama M60-A

Jane 2

Rama M65-A





Kits and switch info

Base kit
which covers from TKL to 60% layouts

Calc kit
Le numpad.

Nomad kit
which covers everything below 60%

Icono kit
Novelties, basically.

Intl kit
aka NorDeUk kit.

Six Pack
6u spacebars.

Nav Kit
Arrows for VIM, HHKB and Poker users

Koala switch

  • Tactile, 62g (bottom-out).
  • Same base as the T1 one from KBDFans (similar to Holy Panda). More info
  • Colours are the same as the ones used for Extended 2048.


Base Kit - 78€ / $75
Calc Kit - 16€ / $15
Icono Kit - 19€ / $18
Intl Kit - 19€ / $18
Nomad Kit - 19€ / $18
Six Pack - 8€ / $5
Torii Kit - 14€ / $12.5
Nav Kit - 8€ / $5

Thank you all for the amazing support!
You guys are amazing <3

– biip

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Final numbers:

Kit Sold
Base kit 553
Calc kit 202
Icono kit 379
Intl kit 72
Nomad kit 236
Six pack 69
Torii kit 270
Nav kit 156
Total 1947

great price! going to join in after i get out of work

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From r/mk user u/fombat

ORTHO USERS: TORI + NOMAD IS $30.50 for full coverage for a planck. add the novelties for 18 more for preonic/iris/etc

You will need a the icons if you want to use R4 keys instead of R1 keys on the bottom row with a 2u space.

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lol my mistakes have followed me into another forum. fml


Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that!

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After two days:

Kit Sold
Base kit 127
Calc kit 51
Icono kit 99
Intl kit 9
Nomad kit 56
Six pack 18
Torii kit 54
Nav kit 47

And here I am still waiting for our local GB runner of KBDfans. Definitely gonna try those switch for the housing :smiley:

Could you explain me what is the advantage of this opaque housing over the original (apart from aesthetics)? I guess it influences the sound, but in what way? What else?

Here’s one comparison I’ve read in another forum(https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/aej9dx/outemu_ice_purples_vs_sky/). Although this is a different switch, it has the explanation comparing two types of housing.

Housings - Outemu ICE housing is made out of Polycarbonate while SKY is made out of Nylon. Polycarb housing has a smoother finish but the material tends to amplify the noise (upstroke, bump, contact leaves, spring, downstroke). Nylon housing is quieter and more bassy but slightly scratchier. If you have experienced other high end, smooth switches like Zeal’s then you probably would find both Outemu housings scratchy regardless. Note that with a tactile bump, the scratchiness is harder to feel compared to a linear switch.

Edit I personally don’t have any huge reason for buying the switch aside from the color of the housing since I think I’m already sold(my end game switch) with the Holy Yok switch. Ah yes! it matches the this keyset i’m buying :slight_smile:

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I hope we get even more Koala-ty tactiles!


Kit Sold
Base kit 215
Calc kit 83
Icono kit 157
Intl kit 24
Nomad kit 90
Six pack 31
Torii kit 87
Nav kit 68
Koala switches 8549

Pics of the samples

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Oof, look so soft. I’ve heard the T1 switches aren’t anything spectacular, but with different housing this could be a different tale. How do you find the wobbliness of the switches before and after opening them?

I’ve actually heard they are excellent for the price. a little worse than a zeal v2 for a little more than half the price and with lube they come very close.

Not familiar with KBDFans switches, but they look nice. Couple questions for anyone with info:

  1. Is it just KBDFans branding, but actually made by someone like Gateron?

  2. If not manufactured by Gateron, Kailh, etc, have the stems ever been measured within the community to ensure no keycap cracking risk? Since the Kailh debacle I’ve been hesitant to try any switches with parts that aren’t already widely used and tested.

  3. Do these open like Cherry switches?

Actually hoping to get some of these, along with the fabulous looking keyset. Just hoping for some reassurance on the above points.

KBDfans didn’t confirm where they got the switch I think(maybe they already did but I missed it), but there has been many reviews and light research with comparison on stems and housing about the t1’s similarity to gateron switches. And yes, they open like cherry switches and clones


Much appreciated. Pretty sure I’m going to go ahead and get some.

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Considering I have Holy GSUS, Holy Pandas on the way, and V2 Zealios I’m not sure if I should pick some up, but being a switch slut I kinda want to :eyes:

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