[GB]Enjoypbt GrayScale keycaps set


  • PBT Plastic
  • Cherry Profile
  • Base kit 179Keys
  • ENJOYPBT Manufacturing


  • Group purchase starts on November 23 and ends on December 23.
    The delivery time is expected to be the end of February. If the quantity is large, it may be delayed. The minimum MOQ is 200 sets


  • Base kit 114USD freeshipping via JCEX or DHL 3-5days arrive,so when you checkout,please choose freeshipping via 4PX,don’t upgrade DHL
  • Spacebar kit 10USD



Just as an info for any ISO users: gok (the designer of the set) confirmed on geekhack that the accented ISO enters have been added to the International Kit at no extra charge.

Link to post

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Purple accents, please.

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I’m hoping for more accent keys even if the price increases a bit

(probably impossible, though)

and yes, purple accents please :smiley:

The international kit is fantastic, thanks for including it!

I bought all the color kits😊