[GB] ePBT Blank Pink

Introducing ePBT Blank Pink!

The long awaited ePBT Blank Pink group buy is now live! The set will be available for 2 weeks and can be purchased through 4 regional vendors.

Join the Group Buy Here! Cables are FCFS!


PRICING: $39 USD MSRP (Prices will vary across regions)

Timeline ePBT Blank Pink Keyset

  • Group Buy: Aug 21st to Sept 3rd
  • Production: 2 Weeks
  • Fufillment: Early - Mid September 2020

Blank Pink Collection

Q&A / Info Section

  • Question: Will the homing keys be scooped + barred?
  • Answer: No, we’ve confirmed with KBDFans & ePBT that they can be barred only (Numpad 5). Screenshot
  • Question: Which items are limited, raffle or GB?
  • Answer: ePBT Blank Pink Keycaps, Deskmats and WongBoxes are all GB and will not be limited. Primecaps raffle will be held by Primecaps on their site. NoodleCord cables will be sold on our site FCFS with a 30 Cable limit (Details here)
  • Question Can I buy deskmats and the keyset together?
  • Answer Due to the short production time for this set, deskmats will need to be shipped at a later date. (Deskmat ETA Mid October)
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@ApexKeyboards the Kit Render image link is broken