[GB] ePBT Grand Tour - GB closes tomorrow, March 25th

Join the Group buy between February 25th and March 25th

Join the gb at


ETA is about 6 months after the GB ending

About Grand Tour


Inspired from a poster (I love it) that my best friends gave to me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

The poster itself is from NASA/JPL.
The Grand Tour is the route the Voyager 2 spacecraft took to visit all four outer planets. It’s a flight plan that’s possible every 175 years for the alignment of the outer planets of our solar system.

My friend Alessandro Maranta worked on the novelties design and he made a great jo







NordeUK (from Candykeys)


Designed by Raz



Solar System Light

Solar System Dark

Solar System Light Monochrome

Solar System Dark Monochrome

Thok Collaboration

Cherry profile, brass keycap PVD plated in a gold brass finish.

Full album here

Cherry profile, aluminum keycap featuring green cerakoted coating and white resin moon.

Full album here

Khor Cables

Location: EU
Matching Made in Italy coiled cable with a custom powder coated aviator from our italian fellow Gkeebs
There’ll be a limited quantity of 50 units all numbered progressively.
Full album here!
GB here!

Nerd Cables

Location: NA
White on cream cable with a 6 inch coil with dark green accents.
They are connected by a red 5 pin cerakoted aviator connector.
GB here!
Full album here

Artkey Universe

The raffle will be on 17th March 2021 and 20th March


Full Album!
Disclaimer: note that the images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final colors may differ slightly.

Rama U80-A by rama.works Render by Raz

Haus by Hand Engineering (render by me)

TGR Alice (render by Raz)

Rama M60 (render by me)

J-02 by Proto[Typist] Keyboards (render by me)

Rama U80-A Soya (render by me)


Many thanks to the following for your help and support during the design of this set:

  • marassandro for the novelties drawing
  • Raz for the help with blender and for the beatiful renders.
  • Kerasan for his support and ideas
  • Click Clack Club group on telegram for the feedback
  • I have to thank konstantin, NoPunIn10Did, 40s discord and Keycap Designers discord for the help with kitting.



Hi everyone, ePBT Grand Tour GB closes tomorrow, March 25th, get your set from the closest vendor to you before is gone!

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Since i got many requests, i decided to open a second run of the cable perorders.
Preorders window is from may 16 till june 16, shipping before july 31.

More info and photos on www.khor.store

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