[GB] EV-01 Linear Switches

Disengaging safety systems. Internal power source, fully charged. External power source connector shows green. Launch preparations complete.

[Introducing the EV-01 switches!] Designed by bespoke.keys, meant to pay homage to the aesthetics of classic Mecha anime. These switches are the same smooth Durock linear switches you know and love.

EV-01 switches are the pioneering product to launch my new online storefront: bespoke.keys! I am excited to bring these switches to market and continue to develop my business while bringing new projects to light. I have also partnered with a number of notable vendors worldwide to bring these switches to market.


  • Top Housing: PC, Stem: POM, Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • Purple: Pantone PQ-267C, Green: Pantone PQ-802C
  • 63.5g Gold Plated Spring
  • No Factory Lube
  • Sold in packs of 10, pricing at $5.50


USA: bespoke.keys

CA: Auramech

EU: Keygem.store

MOQ: 50,000PCS


Group Buy Starts: Friday, August 21st. 10AM PST

Group Buy Concludes: Friday, September 4th.

Estimated Shipping: December 2020.


Are these sprit springs? If so what progression?

These are Durock Gold Plated springs, the ones you would find in Mauves, Alpacas, H1 etc