[GB] F-Me Macro Pad. MOQ has been met! Everything will get made!

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to share my project with everyone called “F-Me” :grin:

This is the Group Buy after 2 Interest Checks and a lot of community feedback. The previous posts on r/mechmarket went a bit crazy because so many people liked it (500+ signed up for the IC).

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This is just to show everything you get. The PCB components are arranged differently and appropriately for their functions. Please see the [Group Buy Link] for better pictures of the PCB

Note: This is my first time rendering anything like this so the highlights are wrong on the novelty keycap.

Thanks to the following post on r/mech about a weird micro pad. I am now here offering you the ability to make another keyboard a reality.

[Group Buy Link]

Gallery is located on the [Group Buy Link]


I 3D printed a prototype of the case. PCB’s are on their way. They should of been here but were delayed. Once they come, I’ll show how the PCB fits into the case and put full finished prototype pictures up.

Gallery is located on the [Group Buy Link]

Current Group Buy Numbers

  • F-Me Kits Sold: 62
  • Novelty Key: Only 10 Left!!
  • Extra PCB Sold: 5
  • Extra Keycap Set: 2

What is Included

  • PCB (All components come soldered from Factory)
  • Daughter Board
  • Cherry Profile Keycap Set (PBT Dyesub)
    • FUCK ME
    • FUCK YOU
    • KTHX BYE
  • LED (of your chosen color at checkout)
  • Case (ABS)
    • Top
    • Bottom
    • Screws
  • Ribbon Cable. For soldering connection between Daughter Board and Main PCB
  • Sticker
  • Printed Schematic of the PCB (because it looks cool in these pictures)

What is the Cost?

I’m hoping between $100 for everything. Including 3 keycap sets. I’ve never seen a Group Buy include this much stuff. Shipping includes insurance.

MOQs: 250
MAX: 420

COVID19 has effected shipping costs. Shipping outside of the US is hard for me but I still offer it for anyone that wants it

I took the feedback from everyone on the previous interest check and made sure to make those changes such as a Safe For Work and Not Safe For Work keycap set and a lower price point.

I would love to have KeebTalk be part of this Group Buy

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66 out of 250 have been sold in 5 days! :100: (10 more are pending payments) Thank you everyone who has joined. For those that haven’t joined please ask questions and join in.

This is a weird and fun Group Buy. I’ve added images of the prototype above and even the prototype main PCB will be here next week so I can show you how it looks inside the case.

If there is a render or information you want please just ask :grin:


  • 70 out of 250 have been sold! Thank you so much everyone for the support
  • Novelty Keys are almost sold out! Only 5 left

Below is the prototype PCB that is purely for debugging purposes and starting QMK/VIA support. Component location is purely just for my own debugging but you can get the gist of everything.

Updated representation of PCB is here

Any questions please ask!

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I now have a fullfillment center helping out with shipping products so shipping is flat rate now:
North America: $10 USD
Rest of the World: $35 USD

Hi Everyone!

Big update on the F-Me Project. I contacted the factory and they lowered the MOQ for the F-Me Project.

MOQ: 100
Current Sales: 80
Pending Sales: 8
Flat Rate Shipping is now in the store

We only need 20 more sales to get this built!

Thank you so much for everyone supporting this project!

MOQ was met just now thanks to how amazing everyone is! This is going to be so fun to make! I’m so excited! if you would like to get on board just join the Group Buy! There is still 5 days left!


Only 3 days left! Novelty key have almost sold out

Thank you so much to everyone that joined!