[GB] F62-PE keyboard by Alf (invoices sent, accepting wait-list orders)

Hi all,

Listed here is the GB ordering for F62-PE, a keyboard case/PCB/plate kit (no type-c cable included) kit that will start production in a week. I have paid the down payments for 20 keyboards, and targeted to ship by end of August. For most detail about the keyboard please refer to the last group buy link: 【GB】F62-PE Custom Keyboard 8.2 invoice sent.

Pre GB has filled up 13 spots so far. Please make sure you fill out the whole address. I got response that only has street address, and that is problematic.

The most detailed look of the case is here: BlueSpace: F62-PE 開箱 which is in Chinese, but those are easy words for Google Translate.

GB period opens NOW until the 20th of August, or when the 20 spots are filled.

Key differences between this and the last GB are:

  • There is only one plate option: a standard ISO/ANSI compatible aluminium plate due to the small order
  • There is no silver and titanium versions. Only black and white
  • Only the R2 of the board is on offer - meaning it has type-c daughter board in the middle.

390 USD
$30 of shipping and handling (this includes a box, packing and Stripe fee)
Extra PCB will cost $15 ea. Past GB owners of F62-PE can also purchase only the PCB. Please make sure yours is an R2 board as this won’t work with R1 F62.
Various shipping fees according to SF Express

Previously listed IC thread: [IC] F62-PE keyboard case by Alf re-run


  1. All pre GB buys can only buy one set of kit
  2. Each form response can send up to two colour options. e.g. (black, white). So if black is sold out, you will get an invoice for a white one.
  3. Cerakote is gonna be in a special arrangement. First, it will be shipped to Hong Kong in raw aluminium, then it will be cerakoated. If it’s a colour that the shop has on hand, it can be done within a week. If not, shipping of the cerakote material will take two weeks. Estimation of the cost is $200, but final cost will depend on the quote from the applier. You will get the first invoice for the keyboard to be shipped to HK, and then a second invoice before the cerakoting process starts.
  4. Invoice will be issued as soon as the 20 spots are filled, and invoice not paid within a week will be nulled. Those on the 21st spots down will be sent an invoice if their preference match what’s in stock
  5. One keyboards of each type, a black and white, is reserved for return and exchange. Once everyone checks out what they got is what they ordered, those two will be sold as A or B stock, depending if there are returns.
  6. Please note that the price will be $390 for the kit, which includes the case, an ANSI/ISO compatible plate, a DC60 PCB, hardware, and a break out USB board. Please note that cable is not included. You will need to pay $30 for handling and processing, plus shipping which would be included in the invoice according to the address you input. It will be the exact same price as what’s listed on SF Express.
  7. Should you want to order extra PCBs, they will cost $25 ea.

And finally, here’s the link: https://forms.gle/1W57YtUM3m9CmbB18

FAQ according to IC

  1. Would it be possible to have an HHKB/7U spacebar/split backspace layout?
    No. It will only have one plate and PCB option as listed above.

  2. What are the PCB options?
    The kit will be equipped with a PCB same as the DC60, with a break out type-c USB board that you would have to solder onto the through-hole of the main PCB.

  3. Will there be an R1 universal PCB option?
    No, due to the small production number, I can’t bargain with the CNC manufacturer. However, if you are VERY skilled with soldering, you can technically solder the break out board to any other PCB with standard Poker screw points. I would not recommend it and cannot guarantee that there are enough space in the case to cater to the cable.

  4. What shipping courier will you be using?
    All shipments will be delivered through SF Express. If your country is not on the shipping calculator page, please DM me and we can work it out.

Is this still being manufactured by ALF?

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Yes sir. Manufacturing has started and keyboards will be shipped out by the end of the month.


Are there any test boards with cerakote that we can see somewhere? $200 seems “fair” but I would want to see a sample of quality.

Hi there, I don’t think they have done keyboards before. For their works of some much more complicated pieces you can take a look at their Facebook page Content Not Found

And for a more in depth look of how someone did it to his IBM plastic shell: Cerakote - ceramic powder coating safe for plastics - deskthority

Hi all,

I have some updates for you. I tallied up all the shipping locations and got a quote from SF Express. If the price is too expensive for you, a surface (read: snail speed) shipping is available, which would take about 4 months with tracking. Prices are listed below in USD:

  1. America: 66
  2. Australia: 74
  3. Germany: 69
  4. Singapore: 27
  5. Korea: 27

For those who want just the PCB, the prices will be lower and will appear on your invoices. If you have questions or want a quote for surface mail instead, comment here or shoot a mail to me at ffive.work@gmail.com.

Invoices sent. Please see the G Sheet for your ordering status (F62-PE Order Status - Google Sheets). If you would like to order still, you will be wait-listed until one of the invoices are not paid before 2 September. Thanks.

Hi all, I have updated the order status Excel. If you haven’t seen your email on your sheet or haven’t seen your paid status updated, please let me know. Thanks.

Hi all, sorry for not updating you for a bit. Here is a recap of what happened for this past few weeks:

  1. The CNC process was delayed because of drill bit vendor made a mistake and had to redo it, causing a whole month of schedule pushback
  2. Right now, CNC is done and sandblasting is underway.
  3. There are only 8 paid invoices. If you got an invoice and still want the kit, kindly check your mailbox. If you couldn’t find it, shoot me a DM or email.
  4. If no one snatch those up, I will ship it all to Hong Kong and sell it as retail, but there would be a $20 increase in price due to shipping from China to Hong Kong, on top of the shipping cost from Hong Kong to wherever you are
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