[GB] Fjell R5 [FINISHED]

Picture by /u/Kawamash

We are trying to have a reasonable shipping cost for all our buyers, and will end up eating a bit of the cost to keep it as low as possible. Please keep in mind that this is a heavy product and will still cost a decent amount to ship around the world.

Updates in R5
New sandblasting methods for a finer finish
Better color consistency
New color (red)
Limited edition available

Updates in R4
You will be able to completely remove the spacebar and middle mounting points. This is to ensure compability with hotswap PCBs, and for those that prefer a more flexible typing experience. The inserts will be made in brass.
Other updates:
slight mounting changes
slight USB hole changes


What is this case?
It is a tray mount case for 60 percent mechanical keyboards that follow the standarized Poker mounting. It has a weight of 2kg, or approx. 4.4 lbs.

When will it be available?
The pre order will start within a few weeks/days, depending on some final details from the factory regarding the Limited Edition Fjell.

What is the Limited Edition Fjell?
This Fjell will have a different material weight, and different engravings. We are doing this limited to test it out for use in further product development.

Will foam be available?
Yes, for $9, we will include 2x 2mm layers of medium-high density EVA foam.

Why are you running this now?
Please read this: March #2 - Fjell R5? – Mekanisk Keyboards

Read complete blog post with FAQ

It will be available on this following link:

Any questions? Please let me know.


Awesome! I’m just over here waiting for the return of the Klippe S.

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We are working on a lot of things for 2020, including the Klippe S.

thanks for your interest!

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This pre order will go live 26.03 (that is Thursday next week).

Thank you.

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Timer is up!

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Go to Mekanisk.com now.


Has the LE Fjell gone live? Haven’t seen it in stock yet.

yeah it went out in like 20 seconds. limited run of 10 units


8 hours left to get one! If you want one, get one now.
I will be closing then, due to a large amount of interest(and orders).

Klippe will still be available after that.

best of luck with it, man. I’m holding out strong for the Tind. It was really hard to hold off on the white Fjell, but times are tough at the moment.

Hey! That is totally understandable. Thanks for your support!

Dang, that window was so short! I really wanted to get in on this GB but missed it because I was welcoming my son to world yesterday! A little sad about missing it but happy at the same time about my priorities in life :smile:


Thanks for everyones support. Fjell R5 is closed, but you can still pick up a Klippe T kit.

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Hi! I post updates on this on Mekanisk.com. You can see “updates”.

I also have a live feed here: mekanisk.xyz

Packaging material arrived

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Shipping will most likely start late July. The orders are sent in random orders, or by priority (special deals).
The entire month of August will be used for quality control and shipments aswell.

Some orders might have to ship in September, due to the large amount, our goal is still to have everything out in August.

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Orders from Klippe T (R4) and Fjell (R5) will most likely start shipping late next week.
This will be a long process with production, qc and shipments at the same time.

It’s random which order they are sent, and don’t expect orders to be out before late August for most of you.

Thanks for your patience.

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As your Klippe T R4 / Fjell R5 start to arrive late this week, I would appreciate if you wanted to:

  • give me feedback directly on the packaging and product
  • take some cool pictures
  • share your unboxing to Instagram/twitter/reddit/geekhack/keebtalk and tag me there.

Around 2% of the orders have shipped as of now.
During August, all orders should have been shipped, there is no point asking when your order will ship before September 1st.

What do we bribe you with for them to not be random?


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Around 20% of all total orders have shipped so far. Mostly Klippe T R4.
Fjells will be going out shortly.

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