[GB] Fractal Keyboard (formerly Conic)

GB Link: Maintenance | KeyPCB

The Fractal keyboard has a layout inspired by keyboards such as Preonic and JJ50. It aims to deliver a good quality but affordable keyboard. It supports Alps and MX switches and uses a Pro Micro as the controller. More details at the link above.

After getting feedback from the community, I’ve decided that the PCB and plates will be black, and the optional middle layer will be semi-translucent, perfect for RGB strips.

I’ll be at the Seattle mechanical keyboard meetup tomorrow if you want to ask me questions in person.


Quick question - will the PCB fit existing JJ50 / Preonic cases?
Uhh. Just noticed that the GB is limited to CONUS only.

Sorry about that.
It won’t support cases for preonic/jj50 because the PCB doesn’t have the same holes as the others.

There’s been a problem with calculating shipping. The website adds $5 per item. This is incorrect, I’ll be able to fix it soon. I’ll refund the excess charges soon if you’ve already placed an order.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused by this.

I’ve fixed the issue and processed refunds. They will show up in 5-10 days. Feel free to order now, shipping is $5.

It’s been a few days since I launched the Fractal groupbuy.

So far, I’ve received 7 orders. I’ve had to adjust the minimum orders for the GB to be successful, as I think I’ll be able to do a lower quantity run. So, here’s the status so far:

Kit Minimum Current # Minimum met?
PCB 10 7 No
Plate Combo 4 6 Yes
Middle Layer 5 4 No
Pro Micro kit 5 6 Yes

Everything is really close to the minimum quantity (with some already past it) so this GB will definitely run. If I don’t end up meeting the minimum, I’ll buy the extras needed, so don’t worry about the GB failing. The GB will close on Friday, August 10. I’ll order the parts then, which will take about 1-2 weeks to arrive, and then I’ll put together the kits and send them to you.

Thanks for all the support in making this keyboard a reality.

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