[GB][Giveaway] Artisan keycaps - Chameleon V3 by The Eye Key

Pre_Order Chameleon V3

Hello everyone,

Chameleons are interesting and colorful animals. We wanted to express the cuteness of chameleons with colorful colors. Allow the keyboard’s LED lighting to shine through (pay special attention to the RGB lighting) and UV effects. Will bring beautiful and brilliant images on your keyboard.

In addition, we changed the eye details of the chameleon, with googly eyes, when you impact the chameleon, the chameleon’s eyes will move funny.

Hope you will like this product from us. Thank you :heart:

You can order at Drop.com at the following link: The Eye Key Chameleon V3 Artisan Keycap - Twinkle Original | Mechanical Keyboards | Keycaps | Artisan Keycaps | Drop

Or order directly from us here:



To spread this cuteness, we will give away one of the new products.

You can register here: https://forms.gle/G3kY3pCEaMk6zJo29 . You can enter your email instead of your reddit account name.



● Sculpt: Chameleon

● Colorway: 9

● Ability to cross the led: yes

● Stem: Cherry MX switches and clones.

● UV light: Yes

● Price: $30/1 Keycap

Open form 22:00 pm (GMT + 7) March 30, 2024

Close form: 22:00 pm (GMT+7 ) April 05, 2024

  • Expected delivery time: 3 week ( 04/29/2024)

  • International shipping: + Viet Nam (0$)

  • International shipping (15$)

Any questions please contact:

Email: Luongthuongnguyen@gmail.com

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Cute :lizard:


Thank you :grin:

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