[GB] Gizmo Engineering GK6 group buy

Hi everyone, Efrem here. I’m one of the founders of Gizmo Engineering
I’m here to announce that the GK6 group buy goes live February 1st 2022.
GK6 features a CNC aluminum body and steel plate, all finished in Cerakote. Hot-swappable pcb, fully custom XDA sublimated keyset, full RGB Matrix support: each key has its own individually addressable RGB LED, and it’s fully compatible with all QMK animations and features. We’ll have four color variants: yellow mellow, desert tan, imperial panda and the black knight.
You can have a look at more pics on our INSTAGRAM profile.



  1. case: unibody machined aluminium, with Cerakote™ finish
  2. keys plate: laser cut steel plate, with Cerakote™ finish
  3. keycaps: PBT, XDA profile, sublimated legend
  4. dimensions:250⨯116⨯31 mm
  5. weight: 633g


  1. connectivity: USB-C
  2. Switches: work with most Cherry MX Compatible Switches
  3. compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, OSx
  4. fully programmable thanks to the QMK firmware™
  5. each casing is marked with the progressive production number
  6. RGB: each key has its own RGb led
  7. 2-year limited warranty
  8. Made in Italy

Here is the vendors’ lineup:

We will also have a few units available on our website.
And for the custom matching cables, you can shop from Khor cables.

yellow mellow version:

desert tan version:

black knight version:

imperial panda version: