[GB] GMK Ashes | In Production Queue

GMK Ashes is erupting, the GB is live!

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March 2nd, 2020 - March 31st, 2020


EU: MyKeyboard.eu

Oceania: DailyClack

Asia: iLumkb

Estimated ship date: Q4 2020

NA [ProjectKeyboards] (USD)
Ashes Kit- $130.00
Ghost Kit- $66.00
Caldera Kit- $38.00
Lahar Kit- $32.00
Adventurer Deskmat - $17.00
Ghost Deskmat - $17.00

EU [MyKeyboard] (EUR)
Ashes Kit- €139,00
Ghost Kit- €69,00
Caldera Kit- €39,00
Lahar Kit- €33,00
Adventurer Deskmat - €19,00
Ghost Deskmat - €19,00

Asia [iLumKB] (SGD)
Ashes Kit- $181.00
Ghost Kit- $92.00
Caldera Kit- $53.00
Lahar Kit- $45.00
Adventurer Deskmat - $26.00
Ghost Deskmat - $26.00

Oceania [DailyClack] (AUD)
Ashes Kit- $194.00
Ghost Kit- $99.00
Caldera Kit- $57.00
Lahar Kit- $48.00
Adventurer Deskmat - $27.00
Ghost Deskmat - $27.00

Artisan collabs:

Alpha Keycaps: https://alphakeycaps.com/

TinyMakesThings: https://www.instagram.com/tinymakesthings/

CozCaps: https://www.instagram.com/cozkeycaps/

NavaCaps: https://www.instagram.com/navacaps/

SodieCaps: https://www.instagram.com/sodiecaps/

Archetype: https://www.instagram.com/archetype_mk/

RathCaps: https://www.instagram.com/rathcaps/

Cable collab:

6ft Coiled Aviator Cables in both Type-C and Mini B


This idea came to me when I originally fell in love with GMK Honeywell. I decided to see what a keyset would look like if I inverted the colors, and ended up changing the white to a grey color. I instantly fell in love with the result.

An explanation for the light grey/blue modifier color thanks to the help of Mito!

The code 250 85 05 give a lot of information about the color
It informs it is a blue because the hue (250) on RAL goes from 10 to 360 and 250 is on the blue range of the RAL circle
It has a lightness of 85, which goes from 0-100, which means it is pretty light
And has a little bit of chroma or saturation 05 (goes from 0-100 too)
05 means the color is not very intense
If you memorize the 10-360 circle position, you can tell by the code itself what color is being discussed and even have a rough estimate it in your mind

Keyset colors:

Kits: Ashes | Ghost | Caldera | Lahar





Bauer by DixieMech

Satisfaction75 by Upas

HB-CP by Hineybush

My Discord server is also available for feedback and further discussion:

Many thanks to the following for your help and support during the design of this set:

BlindAssassin111 for feedback and support on the set guiding me on how to make an IC!
OneFiveNine for giving me ideas on what to theme the set after, running the set and helping me out with the set!
Xerpocalypse & Rensuya for giving me advice along the way and for helping me out with everything!
MetallicCharles for helping me out with these amazing renders of the set!
UndercoverBrother for the sick render of the Kepler FC65!
OneCreativeMind for the amazing novelties and artwork you helped provide to this keyset! Thanks again bro, your help means alot! :slight_smile:
HamKenobi, DixieMech, Kristmascane, Koriko, Erin and Gus along with others from the Houston Discord for being there for me for these past two years!


Looks really nice!
Although way too similar to the Symbolics PN364000 keycaps.


Woah! That’s awesome! I haven’t seen that old vint board before! Very cool hahaha!

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I’d say that’s actually in this kits favour in my opinion! Nice way to visualize it and another potential inspiration point to build off of.

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Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this Keyset! Thought I’d refresh everything that’s changed in it, I did the same thing for reddit and geekhack too!

Please 6u in base kit…

Just wanted to update y’all a little bit right now, I’m going crazy not being able to update this IC. lol
So right now I have been working on getting final renders, not too sure when those will be made, I’m hoping they will be done before the end of the month.
I have another thing in store for the set that I want to show off, but I’ll wait till Christmas Eve to show it off ;)

I also just wanted to reconfirm that the black accent Enter and Esc will be back in base kit! I have a plan for the kits and will show them off once I get the renders back for each kit. I know there was a lot of feedback for the Black Accent going away, and I agree it definitely should stay! Thank you everyone for supporting this set!

I have noticed a few people asking about NorDe kits and while it is possible to run that kit, the past few keysets to run the kit have not had any luck having the kit hit MOQ, at this moment in time we will not be running the kit. Sorry.

Looks like someone is now designing a JTK versison of this Symbolics board. JTK 3600. I can’t wait to see more reversed GMK Keysets. Dark Alphas with light Mods might be a new trend to change up the look of keysets!

Updated this thread with the newest information in the set! :slight_smile: Everything is moving just fine to be on track for the Feb. 15th Group Buy Date!

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Updated the post to a GB post! All links direct to the corresponding vendor! Let me know if you guys have any questions about the set and I can gladly answer them for you!

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Current Numbers as of 3/8:

Ashes Kit(Base): 209
Ghost Kit(Alt Alphas): 80
Caldera Kit(Accent/Novelties): 93
Lahar Kit(Spacebars): 44
Basalt Kit(40s/UK-ISO): 16
Adventurer Deskmat: 140
Ghost Deskmat: 51

Do to poor sales numbers for a full week, the Basalt Kit is being cut from the keyset. I apologize to the 16 people who bought the kit, you can contact your vendor to get a refund for it.

Final Numbers as of 4/6 with extras!

Ashes Kit(Base): 772
Ghost Kit(Alt Alphas): 262
Caldera Kit(Accent/Novelties): 291
Lahar Kit(Spacebars): 162
Adventurer Deskmat: 313
Ghost Deskmat: 113

We sold 1,487 kits! Thank you everyone who joined this keyset and to everyone that has promoted and talked about the keyset! I never thought I would make a keyset, let alone have one sell this well! I am very fortunate! I look forward to the progress of this set along with the other keysets that I will be working on!

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Just wanted to update the thread just in case anyone is still following this set! The Color Samples have been confirmed! The keysets is now in the production queue. The alpha result is on point. The Mod color result is on border where 159, and I believe is within acceptance range, 2.3 DeltaEab. Basically it came down to my call, and I said yes, lets go with the color. I really love the sample colors and think you guys will too!


I really wish more kits included mac keycaps or just did symbols, otherwise fantastic looking caps :slight_smile: