[GB] GMK Bentō


Final numbers (excluding extras):

Base kit 761/250
Spacebars kit 409/150
Kobe kit 89/150
Rama keycaps
Alu keycap 222/50
Brass keycap 70/50

We might hit 1k MOQ with the extras the vendors are getting!


Congrats on the great numbers @biip! I wish I could’ve gotten in on this set, but unfortunately I had to decide between this & Jamon with my finances right now. It was a very tough call, but I went with Jamon since I’ll be getting a E6.5 in dark red from Exclusive & Jamon matched it better. I’ll tell you this much though if I got the funds when extras roll around I’ll definitely be picking a set up! :metal:


Don’t worry, vendors will get extras :eyes:
thanks for the kind words!


what about:

  • R1 1u
  • R1 1u
  • R2 1u

Or would it be better to have:

  • R1 1u
  • R2 1u
  • R3 1u



Waiting for GMK to confirm, but here is the final choice:


Damn, that’s perfect for 65% boards!


I would be interested to know which vendors will get the extras first. :wink:


I guess Candykeys since they’re base in Germany :man_shrugging:


Honestly this is one case where I hope the NA vendors get extras later than sooner. I’m hoping my wallet will have recovered enough to grab a set by that time, I’ve spent more than I’d like to mention on KB stuff in past few weeks LOL! I just got paid up for my E6.5 this morning & got the dark red alum case to match it up with Jamon, but the more I look at this colorway the more I think Bento will also go perfectly with it!


Final numbers (with extras):

Base kit 1000/250
Spacebars kit 513/150
Kobe kit 161/150


Sweet// hopefully there is a sufficient amount of extras.


Second batch of color samples just came in!
Still need small adjustments tho :slight_smile: But it looks really accurate.
GMK did an awesome job!