[GB] GMK Coniferous Round 2 - GB Failed(For Now)



Whoops, not quite October 1st where I am yet, only jumping the gun a little bit.

Fall approaches and trees begin to drop their leaves, but the mighty conifers will defiantly display their foliage against the change of the seasons, a fitting time for the return of GMK Coniferous! My first keyset design is back after amazing first round performance and near-constant inquiries as to a second round. Bold green on classic beige and black backdrop and crafted by GMK in Cherry profile with their renowned double-shot injection molding process, this keyset lets you display your keyboard’s “foliage” all year round for years to come.

Base Kit

Spacebars Kit

Novelties Kit - Designs brought to you by Keebmeupscotty

Bonsai Kit

The prices for my site are as follows:

Base - 5/150

  • 150 - $150
  • 250 - $135

Spacebar - 5/100

  • 100 - $31
  • 150 - $28

Novelties - 5/100

  • 100 - $42
  • 150 - $35

Bonsai - 3/100

  • 100 - $70
  • 150 - $65

Table of regional prices(EU soon™) I was going to make a table but doing that across three platforms didn’t excite me, so excel screenshot it is.

Proxies for this set are:
EU - http://groupbuys.mechboards.co.uk/shop/gmk-coniferous-r2/
China - https://www.zfrontier.com/m/4832
Asia/Oceania - https://en.zfrontier.com/products/gmk-coniferous-r2

Estimated timeline:

Oct 1st-31st - GB period is open
Nov 1st-7th - Order numbers submitted to GMK, possible kit adjustments, payment submitted
Nov 8th - Feb 14th - Current estimated GMK production time, may be shorted depending on order quantities and other factors
Feb 14th-28th - Current estimated time for sets to ship from GMK to me and for sorting
Late Feb - early March - Shipping fulfillment from me to customers

I’ve changed things up a little bit this time and instead of doing pre-order like the last two buys this is pay when you order. This is to help prevent the delays that the last two buys went through/are going through due to people just refusing to pay invoices they committed to when they submitted the orders. Leave it to some people to ruin something that makes it easier for other people to participate in GBs. Dealing with price drops and other things is going to be a pain, but hey that’s what it is.

Let me know if I missed anything important. How many GBs have I posted here and I’m still not sure if I’ve got everything right the first time.

For your viewing pleasure, an album of R1 sets on various boards in various settings


I’m glad this set is finally returning. I’ll be joining sometime later in the month.


Couple updates:

ZFrontier links are up and should be working:


and I’ve included a table in the op and here with their pricing for easy viewing(EU pricing to be available soon, I may have not given David as much time to get his page up as I should have)


Another bump, David got his page up at http://groupbuys.mechboards.co.uk/shop/gmk-coniferous-r2/ which is now linked in both the op and on my store page.

Table updated with pricing.


Small bump, I’ve added to the OP an album of R1 sets for those unfamiliar to get a better idea of how the set looks in real life.


We’re currently at the following numbers:

Base - 24
Spacebars - 18
Novelty - 13
Bonsai - 9

Numbers are a little bit low, which I had expected since changing to this payment method on my end, but it’s also been a few days since proxies updated with their numbers. Still plenty of time left and I do expect a hefty push towards the end of the GB period.


Numbers update:

Base - 26
Spacebars - 21
Novelty - 15
Bonsai - 11


Waiting for my payday :slight_smile:


Numbers update bump:

Numbers update:

Base - 31
Spacebars - 26
Novelty - 20
Bonsai - 16

We’re at the 1/5 point for base currently, really hoping for that “end of GB period” rush to start up soon.


Definitely my favorite green set; hard not to jump on this one.


Here’s a picture of my round 1 Coniferous. There needs to be more of these sets in the world. Come on people!


Today’s number updates:

  • Base - 36/150

  • Spacebar - 29/100

  • Novelties - 22/100

  • Bonsai - 19/100

Also, I’ve received word from GMK that their production timeline could be much shorter than I’ve predicted here with an estimated only 7-9 weeks total production time after payment submission to them, meaning that if everything goes well and sticks to the timeline, we could see sets before the new year!


Alright, this is our current numbers:

  • Base - 40/150

  • Spacebar - 31/100

  • Novelties - 23/100

  • Bonsai - 21/100

And we’re riding up on the planned end day this week. Obviously there’s interest in the set being made, but we just need more participation to get it there since the base is right now only about 1/3 of the way. I can extend it a little bit, but I’d really prefer to not drag it on too much at the expense of those already joined.


I’m sad to see this GB failed since I just got a refund. Do you think we’ll get another chance at a later date? I’m really regretting not being able to join round 1 now.


I definitely try another run in the future since there does seem to be interest, it just looks like most of the shown interest from the IC didn’t commit to the GB.