[GB] GMK Dark

Introducing GMK Dark,
Designed for low-contrast and high-compatibility with many keyboard layouts and existing GMK keysets

Welcome to the Dark. This classic colorway combines the beauty and simplicity of OEM black-on-black keysets with the German precision of GMK plastic. The N9 dark grey base and black CR legends of this set makes for a great combination with a number of existing GMK alpha and modifier keycaps. Murder out your keyboard with GMK Dark

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Asia: ZFrontier

The group buy will be open from January 3 to January 31

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Included keycaps

Base kit $120 USD

Numpad kit $40 USD

Icons kit $56 USD

Deviant kit $51 USD

ISO kit $25 USD

color-accurate renders provided by janglad:

DISCLAIMER: This set will not come with any colored accent or modifier keycaps thank you to pngu for the free render service!

GMK Dark alphas with GMK Sky Dolch mods and accents accents

GMK Dark alphas with GMK Violet Tendencies mods

GMK Dark with GMK Terminal alphas

GMK Dark alphas with GMK Terminal mods and accents

GMK Dark alphas and mods with GMK Skidata accents

GMK Dark alphas with GMK Skidata mods


Thumbs up for including 6u spacebar in the base kit ! All new sets should do that !

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:thinking:This might look pretty awesome with GMK CMYK mods

this ain’t for me

yes! as a GMK collector, i am really looking forward to combining this with other sets like Dolch Reborn, Skidata, Terminal


I don’t get it either. Thanks for letting us know you don’t like it, we were all on the seat of our chairs.

I don’t remember seeing an IC for this one so I never had a chance to say anything so i figured I’d drop a line here. I guess I should have elaborated more, I really don’t see the appeal of low contrast sets and don’t really have any interest in them.

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This is how I wish my FC660C caps looked like, just a shade lighter than the jet black they are so I can see the damn legends!

The set looks great! Now if they were only PBT…

Thank you for elaborating. I dig the versatility of this; however, @Manofinterests makes a good point as to how this set might look once it starts to develop shine.

The renders look amazing though so I’m in for one.