[GB] GMK DMG - A Gameboy inspired keyset


Christmas morning 1989. Many of us tore into a wrapped package containing one of these and played it tirelessly until you ran out of AA batteries. Or until it got dark. Or until our parents yelled at us to take out the trash or shovel snow.
GMK DMG is our take on this classic. Bring a bit of nostalgia to your battlestation or workspace.

BASE KIT - $169.00

Includes 156 keys to cover a majority of the most popular layouts including 104, TKL, 1800, HHKB, FC660, 60% and many more. ISO enter and complimenting keys are also included, as well as 6.25u and 7u spacebars.
Featuring a variety of novelty keys that bring nostalgia including the A/B buttons, D-Pad arrow cluster, Battery indicator cap, and START SELECT mods. Just like you remember it!
MOQ 250 units

POCKET KIT - $48.00

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of 40% keyboards, we’ve given the 40% layout its own kit. Cost minded and small, the 40s kit offers a nice compliment to fill out your CandyBar, MiniVan, MechMini, JD40, Planck (and others) with the proper keys. While not all variations on the layout are represented in order to keep the price affordable, we think we did a pretty good job of giving you what you need. MOQ 100 units

SPACE KIT - $22.00

The spacebar kit includes a variety of the most popular spacebar sizes in DMG’s complimentary color (Gameboy Button Magenta). MOQ 100 units

Includes 6.25u, 7u, 6u Center Stem, Convex 1u (x2) and 2u, as well as standard 2.25u and 2.75u blanks.


We have Gameboy themed deskmats, mousepads and stickers available: DMG Deskmats – TheKey.Company
We also have matching cables from the finest cable maker on the scene - Zap Cables: https://thekey.company/collections/gb-gmk-dmg/products/dmg-themed-cables-by-zapcables.
We’re also working with a couple of great artisan makers to make some DMG themed artisans so watch this space.

Designed by u/futurecrime
Manufactured by GMK in Germany
Long Lasting 1.5mm Thick Doubleshot ABS Plastic
GMK Cherry Profile
Renders by Janglad

The set will be color matched by GMK to an actual Gameboy!

Americas - [url=https://thekey.company/collections/gb-gmk-dmg/products/gmk-dmg]https://thekey.company/collections/gb-gmk-dmg/products/gmk-dmg[/url]
Europe - [url]https://mykeyboard.eu/catalogue/gmk-dmg-base-kit_814/[/url]
Asia / Oceana - [url]https://en.zfrontier.com/products/gmk-dmg[/url]

GB Runs for 4 weeks. Lead time I expect is 16 - 20 weeks because of the holidays and the color matching process (Im being very generous).
2019 will be the thirtieth anniversary of the Gameboy’s launch, a perfect time to dress your keyboard up to celebrate.

Thermal board by Wilba

M65a by RAMA[/color]

280 by Noxary

Minitomic by maartenwut



Selected quotes from Quakemz’s coverage on Top Clack:

“It’s really really awesome, I absolutely love this set”

“100% a must buy”

“This is just amazing”


I’ve been in the community a long time and this is the first GMK set I’ve ever actually really wanted to buy. This is so fantastic. It’s conservative enough to have a kind of retro look, but has just enough color to make it unique without making it look tacky. Just an excellent set.

You’ve just described pretty much all my intentions for the set so thanks very much, makes me feel like I’ve succeeded in my aims. Now all we need is for people to buy it so we can get it on our desks!

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With the price drop on GMK Shoko, that makes it easier to look toward getting both that set and this set :slight_smile:

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Beautiful looking set. I personally dont like GMK but I do enjoy the color scheme that you have. I hope that it will get either KAM, DSA, or an XDA run.

Can’t wait to pick this up in a few days! Great job on this set.

Wow this looks exactly like the idea posted by someone in top clack like a year ago. at least give him credit.

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Yeah I remember Toastyparty posting this exact set.

I really hope this set makes it. It looks sooo good!

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I guess it’s a coincidence. I don’t frequent Top Clack (I assume you mean the discord, but I don’t know). This set has been in development for a long time by me and the credit for the inspiration goes to the Gameboy sat on my desk.

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Put my order in yesterday; I’m pretty gosh darn excited :smiley:

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Yes! Top endorsement. Cheers man!