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GMK Dots

Kits Novelkeys DailyClack Candykeys zFrontier CN zFrontier EN
Base kit $135 $211,50 137€ ¥983 $155
Ergo kit $110 $172,30 110€ ¥798 $128
Nomad kit $35 $54,80 35€ ¥244 $37
Rama Gold $46 $87,70 48€ ¥302 $43
Rama white $43 $67,35 37€ ¥394 $56

Numbers, with extras:
Last update: July 28th

Kit Sold MOQ
Base kit 1174 250
Ergo kit 274 150
Nomad kit 284 150
Rama Brass 147 50
Rama White 144 50

Where to buy?


by the one and only @Oblotzky


TGR Alice


Jane 2





Rama keycaps:

Hand mirror polished PVD Brass keycap

E-White Aluminium with white gloss enamel fill keycap

Thanks for the support!


Is this the type of GB where order numbers will be published as the GB progresses?

Yes I will post numbers every 3-4 days or so :slight_smile:

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Super excited for this! Ordered last night right after the page went up, looking forward to this a lot :grin:

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Nice! I’m the type of person who will join a GB if the numbers aren’t quite high enough, only to support the GB. :slight_smile: (I also cheer for the under-dog teams in sports matches.)

This is really fun! I hope the GB goes well. Lots of sets launching this month!

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Thanks! I’m confident tho :smiley:

Def gonna have to get in on this one

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What a start!

Numbers of the first day:

Kit Sold MOQ
Base kit 168 250
Ergo kit 35 150
Nomad kit 32 150
Rama Brass 21 50
Rama White 23 50

Numbers after 2 days, without extras:

Kit Sold MOQ
Base kit 225 250
Ergo kit 50 150
Nomad kit 48 150
Rama Brass 30 50
Rama White 25 50
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Congrats on hitting MOQ! :smiley: This is definitely a unique and fun set

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Thanks! That’s just the beggining :wink:

A white or “Cream” version would be a sweet look for the next iteration of this. :nerd_face:

Numbers, without extras:
Last update: July 7th

Kit Sold MOQ
Base kit 321 250
Ergo kit 57 150
Nomad kit 68 150
Rama Brass 54 50
Rama White 40 50

Should that possibly say 57 ergo kits?

Ergo is really taking off! :grin:

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lmao, yes was 57*

If ergo doesn’t make moq will we have the opportunity to swap to base?

vendors will get extras so it can reach MOQ. Don’t worry!

if I’ve read it right from geekhack, it’s 148/150 for ergo kit with extras


I think i’ve read it right - from novelkeys’ comment in geekhack.

We are at 148 with extras. So nothing to worry about.