[GB] GMK Grand Prix is live until October 30th!

Hello Keebtalk!

This keyset was inspired by Tech3 early 2000s colorway. A 250cc class motorcycle racing team. Olivier Jacques, and Shinya Nakano rode for them that year and they had a fantastic season, culminating with Olivier being crowned the World Champion in 2000. As a motogp fan, I have long wanted to make a set based on this theme.

The colors are based off the team livery that season, primarily cold grey and acid green with orange accents. Acid green is for Olivier Jacques and orange is for Shinya Nakano. I hope other fans of motor sports will enjoy this keyset as much as I have creating it.

Olivier Jacques: https://i.imgur.com/i3gk5oz.jpg
Shinya Nakano: https://i.imgur.com/UK5C16g.jpg

Group Buy October 9th to October 30th

Estimated shipping : May 2021


Base kit

Addon kit

Space kit

Novelties kit by Biip

125cc kit aka 40 kit

Renders (made by Janglad)

Rama Caps


Accent : RAL 110 80 70
Alphas : RAL 280 80 10
Mods : RAL 270 30 15
Orange accent : RAL 2005


NA : Novelkeys
EU : Candykeys
AU : Dailyclack
Asia : zFrontier iLumkb

Special thanks to biip and yanfali for all the help of this project!


The alphas look very lilac in the photos I’ve seen posted. Anyone have pics?


Perfect. Thanks!