[GB] GMK Marmoreal | Groupbuy Ending on April 21st!

Last day to join the groupbuy is tomorrow, so don’t miss out if you are still considering! Thank you to everyone who has given their support so far!

Groupbuy March 21 - April 21

Marmoreal: To be made of or likened to marble.

For the set I was inspired by the architecture and materials used in the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe. The colors are drawn from the types of marble used in the building, and novelties were designed around key moments in the building and from the original documents used during its construction.


USA- Vala Supply
CAN- Ashkeebs
EU- Mykeyboard
UK- Protozoa Studio
SEA- Zion Studios
JP- Basekeys
OCN- Daily Clack
IND- Rectangles Store
LatAM- Fancy Customs



Renders are representative only

The novelties are based on significant details and moments in the Barcelona Pavilion. As numbered, the novelties are: 1. Cigar (Mies was a known chain smoker), 2. Pavilion floor plan, 3. Column section detail, 4. Barcelona Chair by Lily Reich, 5. Marble pattern, 6. Window joint section detail, 7. Dawn by Georg Kolbe.


Line by Summerqm

Inlay by Summerqm

Pavilion by Ulliam


Mountain Alice by YoBoards

Nascent by Reticent

SP111 by BlindAssassin111

Ellora65 by Kiko

KL90 by Kiko

Paragon by Artemis Design Studios

Haus by Hand Engineering

Frog by Geonworks

Jelly Epoch by Owlabs

Rama U80-A

More Renders Here


-Metal Keycap-

-Artisan Keycaps-




-Keyboard Sleeves-


Feel free to join the discord server for previews, renders and current news!

IC form
Discord Server
Discord PM: pararch#8610


Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce a major update to the set, with a lot of items overhauled based on previous feedback. Please fill out the IC form if you’re interested, and thanks for checking it out! Also feel free to join the discord if you want previews, or want to hang out and chat!

Hey everyone, new renders featuring the Mountain Alice and the Nascent are up!

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Hey all, happy to announce that kitting updates are live, and are based on vendor and community feedback! I’m hoping to announce vendors and some collabs soon, so stay tuned!

Bump for new deskmats, vendors, finalized novelty artwork and new renders! Also, possible GB date of February/March!

Bump for GB, vendor and collab updates!

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Bumped for more Collab Updates, 5 days to GB!

Going into the second week of GB, and we are looking to be on track! There’s also an Instagram Giveaway in collaboration with Ashkeebs and Key.Klub that’s live right now, ending on April 2nd, so don’t miss out! Key Klub on Instagram: "You want to be as elegant as stone can be while typing? Then the GMK Marmoreal GIVEAWAY is here to marble up your keyboard!!! ***GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!*** Winner: @hyotype A HUUUUUGE THANK YOU to @ashkeebs & @pararch.mk for being so cool to partner up and bring to you this wonderful GMK Marmoereal base kit! One lucky winner has got the chance to win this stunning marble keycap set, so good luck to all of you lovely people & much love! <3 ***How do I enter the GMK Marmoreal GIVEAWAY?*** 💯 1. Like this post! 2. Follow: @pararch.mk @ashkeebs @key.klub 3. Tag 3 friends! 3. Optional: Share this Post in your story & tag us! ***Timeframe:*** ⏰ Start: March 29th 2022 - Now End: April 2nd 2022 - 2pm EST (The winner will be chosen randomly from the comment section on April 2nd, as long as all steps to enter were done!) ***What's included?*** 🎁 Winner #1: 1x GMK Marmoreal Base Kit Conditions: *FREE NA Shipping Included **The winner will receive the Prize when the GMK Marmoreal ships out Credit: @pararch.mk + @ashkeebs + @key.klub"

9 days left for Groupbuy, and Reddit Giveaway is live!

That’s a very beautiful keysets. So sad no ISO Be support.

Thanks! I would have loved to do a Norde/ISO kit but not enough interest to make MOQ unfortunately.

Last day to join groupbuy is tomorrow!