[GB] GMK Masterpiece

Hello everyone, I’m excited to introduce
GMK Masterpiece マスターピース

Where to buy?

ProjectKeyboard (US)
MyKeyboard (Europe)
SwitchKeys (Australia/Oceania)
iLumkb (Asia)
Deskhero (Canada)

Cable: Zeuscables


Group Buy will be live from May 1st to June 2nd.
Estimate shipping: Q4 2020 / Q1 2021.

Limited time opportunity to purchase a truly aesthetic, clean, unique and versatile keyset with 85 new molds for only $129 USD. This is by far the most unique GMK set that made it into Group Buy phase the traditional way, from ordinary Interest Check to Group Buy. Impress your friends and colleagues with this high quality keyset!

Kepler giveaway! A beautiful board limited to 50 units by ProjectKeyboard for a GMK Masterpiece participant! For free! You will receive a Kepler spot for every order with a GMK Masterpiece Value (base) kit. Be sure to fill out this form after your order.


  • GMK’s very first keyset with Katakana legends

  • Double-shot ABS Cherry Profile keycaps set.

  • High quality manufacturer.

  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH.

  • High quality 1.5mm thick keycaps.


GMK Lunar had 77 new molds in comparison.


Custom Blue: RAL 240 40 40, White: WS1

Inspiration & Design

The inspiration for this set comes from the Japanese high quality craftsmanship. Japanese craftsmanship is handmade and created by people using skills passed down for generations to ensure only the best quality product - a true masterpiece. With that spirit in mind I designed a keycap set, capturing the unique aesthetics of the Japanese culture. The Katakana legends will give the set a very unique look, paired with a beautiful rich blue.

This will be the very first GMK set with Katakana only alphas and mods. So new molds will be created for this set. Because of GMK’s limited offering of stock blue colours, this set will be using a custom blue (RAL). The Katakana legends are as you noticed not narrow as the Hiragana mono/sublegends and Katakana sublegends. Instead, the Katakana monolegends are wider to offer a similar look to the latin/cyrillic counterpart. They look like they came straight from GMK. The Katakana-only mods are completely new, my own creation, and were inspired by various old boards. I wanted a more consistent look for the keyset as a whole as the Kanji were left out completely. The keyset has traditional icon mods and text+icon mods, and I think this solution will satisfy nearly every person. I also included all keys for a true ISO and proper ISO Japanese layout (R4 ロ) unlike past sets with japanese legends. The layout was designed on the basis of today’s Mac keyboards in Japan but without the JIS bottom row.
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4


バリュー VALUE Base

クラリティ CLARITY Icons

プレサビング PRESERVING Spacebars & Ortho / Basic 40s

ウェスト WEST Latin alphas


J80 by jer

KBDfans KBD19x


KBDfans Tofu

HEX.3C. First render with english alphas and icons mods.

iS0 by Simon

Deskmats 900mm x 400mm

ウェイブ WAVE

エンドゲーム ENDGAME

スクウェア SQUARE


RAMA x Masterpiece


Get the tools of traditional japanese craftsmen on your keyboard made of finest brass. The shape is reminiscent of a tried and tested blade, or a chisel. You decide.

Gold PVD brass

Black PVD brass


Get yourself the spirit of a true skilled master on your keyboard.

Gold PVD brass

Zeuscables x Masterpiece


ダーク DARK


Real lighting environment

The blue shade depends on the environmental light. All renders were done with the same blue, RAL 240 40 40. The images below give you an idea of how the color might look like in sunlight, on your desk etc. All renders above were done with studio lighting. Most of the time, other sets don’t offer renders with different lighting conditions to not confuse buyers. So have a look and trust me, the blue is just fantastic.

Direct afternoon summer sun. Notice the keyboard (J80) lying in the shadow

A beautiful workplace in the afternoon sun

In your kitchen on a cloudy day (scene by JaeArtist)

Group Buy is live! Find your vendor above!

A Discord channel is available for updates and further discussion here https://discord.gg/xBUCEgq

Thank you for your attention!

Thank you to everyone that helped and supported this set! This project wouldn’t be possible with the help from the awesome community! Thanks to: 159 from ProjectKeyboard, Yuliaa from Mykeyboard, Stef from SwitchKeys, Louis from iLumkb and jerrolds from deskhero, Kate from RAMA, Oblotzky, Abec13, Dixie, Chokkan, Nasp, OneCreativeMind, JaeArtist, Simon, jer, uoma2, Kasterborous, Moridin, SoraNoTenshi, whole german keyboard community, everyone in the Masterpiece discord, the japanese community and last but not least every supporter of this fantastic set!


It looks pretty good, but that name makes me dislike it cuz it’s far from a masterpiece.

You gotta say everyone has its own preferences. If you can do it better, I will eat a hat :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I would like to know what kind of person say “wow this is a masterpiece”.

I don’t say it’s bad, I I would like to own a set.

Nice one !

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Wow, this is a masterpiece!


My intention was to create a set which can fit any layout, dvorak, colemak etc. I am myself an ISO-DE user, so I know your pain :slightly_smiling_face:

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Love the colors on this set. That blue…mmmmm.

Day 1 numbers!

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Absolutely love the colorway and the deskpad! Going to be joining the GB!


This set is growing on me, I might get in before the GB is over. If I don’t, I’m sure I’ll regret it later on… :thinking:

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Halfway to MOQ! Courtesy of dvorcol