[GB] GMK Matcha Mocha | GB indefinitely delayed

GMK Matcha Mocha:
a semi-minimalistic take on what could arguably be one of the most delicious and energizing desserts known to human mankind

Now in GroupBuy - from January the 19th to February the 28th!


The Dessert (Base Kit)

The Weeb Add-On (Hiragana Sublegends)

The Toppings (Extensions)

RAMA Artisan


AKI-S by Senryo

TGR-Jane v2 by Yuktsi

TGR-Alice by Yuktsi

For the colours this set will be using Signature Plastics stock colour TGH and Pantones 7487C:

Please note that although this picture was taken with a professional camera and colour corrected with a grey card afterwards, depending on the lightning, especially the green sometimes looks a tiny little bit darker/creamier IRL.


UK: ProtoTypist
NA: Kono
EU: MyKeyboard
Oceanic: DailyClack
Asia: iLumkb
CA: Ashkeebs
China: zFrontier
International: RAMA WORKS (just as an additional proxy for the Rama-Artisan)


This set is currently expected to start shipping out in Q4 of 2021.


Keyforge (Artisan)
Artkey (Artisan)

Sodie Caps (Artisan)
Bad Habit Caps (Artisan)

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We just went live on MyKeyboard for the EU Region, go check it out over at:

zFrontier just got added as an additional, specific Vendor for the Chinese-Region, and we actually just went live over there:

zFrontier 装备前线

Matcha Mocha just went live for the UK-Region over at ProtoTypist, with some updated (reduced) pricing + the first three orders will get their shipping refunded:

Base: £120,00
Extensions: £35,00
Hiragana: £64,00
Rama: £35,00


The set just went live, over on iLumkb, for the general Asian-Region:

After some more talks about the pricing, we were actually able to reduce it a little bit.
I just updated the OP with the new prices.

Matcha Mocha also just went live for both, the US (Kono) and CA (Ashkeebs) region:

GMK Matcha Mocha — Kono Store


Matcha Mocha is now live on DailyClack, for the Oceanic-Region:
[GB] GMK Matcha Mocha

The RAMA X GMK Matcha Mocha Artisan is now also live, on RAMA WORKS, as an additional proxy!
Check it out via the link below:

Hey y’all, the day one numbers are finally in, and, although they are relatively low for todays standards, we still got a lot of time left, let’s do this!

Current numbers do not include the Artisans sold through RAMA WORKS directly:
The Dessert [Base]: 20
The Weeb Add-On [Hiragana]: 5
The Toppings [Extensions]: 8
Rama-Artisan: 12

Hello everyone,
Today, I woke up to some deeply disturbing news:

Because of its current extremely low sale numbers, the Vendors have decided, that it would be the best for us to cancel the GB.
That’s why, starting from now on, every amazing one of you guys, who actually ordered a set, will be receiving a full refund from their respective Vendor.
As of right now, I would like to mark GMK Matcha Mochas GB as simply “indefinitely delayed”, since I’m definitely planning on bringing this set back one day, once I’m in a better financial situation myself, aswell as more people show interest in the set.
Although I’m absolutely devastated right now, seeing this dream of mine, that has now been worked on for a little bit over a year, crash, after only a few days into the GB (this hurts even more, when looking at a lot of other, newer, relatively relevant sets in the community, that are currently just being completely rushed, without much work put into it), I fully understand their decisions, especially with a lot of strong competing sets coming up next month, and am still incredibly thankful to every single one of them for even giving me this chance in the first place.

That being said, I will probably be taking a short break from the community, for a least couple of days, but will definitely return fully fueled, and read to start working on some of my other projects again.
Again, huge thanks to everyone who was a part of this ride :slight_smile:

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