[GB] GMK "Mr. Sleeves" Addon Kit


Thank you! <3


How close are we to MOQ?


We are currently at around 120/250. Vendors will be purchasing extras so hopefully we can hit MOQ in the next 2 days as a lot of people hold off buying until the last day!


Noooo! This has to happen. BUY, PEOPLE. BUY!


Please I need this in my life!!


Last day to join the set everyone!


I guess I should join today :smiley:


Are we nearing MOQ?


Sorry for the lack of updates.

Still working out some small details with GMK, but we have hit MOQ (thanks to zFrontier/Novelkeys purchasing a couple more extras)!

Looking to finalize and send the payment and then move forward with the color matching.


I’m so happy this is happening. this update made my day. Thank you for running this group buy! <2


Any information on if Novelkeys will have extras for sale? I kind of missed out on this one by a week :frowning:


We will have extras. They won’t be for sale until the original GB orders ship.



For those who haven’t been catching my streams, we have received the first round of samples:

(unedited picture from iPhone XS Max camera)

While I had originally wanted to go for the U variant of these colors, I actually really like the more muted way these C colors came out. As you can see from the picture, the color matching isn’t 100% but it is very darn close. I think moving forward, I will decide to stick to the C colors. I will take some time to decide on what I want changed with these current samples and am open to suggestion as well. I just received these Pantone chips today at work, so will be providing more/better pictures later tonight!


First look with GMK 9009!

Not going to lie and say my color balance is accurate but it is not too far off in my opinion! I will be bringing these to the Norcal meetup this Saturday and let you guys see it for yourself/have a live poll to see if you guys are satisfied with the colors. This will delay moving forward obviously but I thought given how big the Norcal meetup will be, itd be a great opportunity for people to see it in person early.


Sorry if this has been answered already. Will there be extras?


There will be!