[GB] GMK "Mr. Sleeves" Addon Kit

Hey guys, it’s Nathan Kim from over at YouTube (https://youtube.com/taehatypes) and I present to you all the GMK “Mr.Sleeves” Addon kit! As the title says, this is NOT a full set, but an addon kit meant to complement many existing/upcoming sets such as GMK 9009, GMK Muted, GMK Pristine, GMK Monochrome, etc…

Mr. Sleeves Lore:

Although it started off as banter in Top Clack’s Discord server, Mr. Sleeves is very much a real character in TC’s Omniverse. Little is known of him other than that he is part of a mob comprised of other formidable personas and that he is known to exact justice on villains through his vivid and deadly sleeves…

100% meme but also 100% truth, the sleeves and rings I wear in my typing videos might have become more a topic of interest than my videos. Most notable of my sleeves is this particularly vivid one:

Many have asked that this sleeve color scheme be turned into a GMK set and now I am trying to make it a reality.


The above kit is currently using the C variants of the proposed Pantone colors, but I am going to attempt to color match for the U variants of the colors which in my opinion look nicer. GMK offers the coated C variants as defaults so it is easiest for them to achieve color matching for that and this render will represent how the set will look like at its worst colors.


Amazing renders by janglad:
Mech27 with GMK Muted base (ISO)

Upcoming RAMA U80 with upcoming GMK Monochrome

Mech27 with GMK Muted base (ANSI)

Modern M0110 with GMK 9009 base

Amazing renders by Morning Coffee:
M60-a with GMK 9009 (Blue Esc/Spacebar and Pink Enter)

M60-a with GMK Muted (Pink Esc/Spacebar and Blue Enter)

M60-a with GMK Pristine base

M60-a with GMK 9009 base and “Mr. Sleeves” (all blue)

Pricing and Vendors:
We tried to keep the costs as low as possible and arrived at a price point that is very competitive to currently existing addon kits on the market right now available for purchase.

NovelKeys (NA) - https://novelkeys.xyz/products/gmk-mr-sleeves-gb
Mykeyboard.eu (EU) - GMK Mr. Sleeves | mykeyboard.eu
zFrontier (CHINA) - zFrontier 装备前线
zFrontier (Korea, Japan, Australia, NZ and other Asian regions): https://en.zfrontier.com/products/gmkmrsleeves

Group buy will be open until September 21st, 2018!



Someone’s gonna get sleeved.


Most likely getting this if I am not totally out of money in September!

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Now I need @westfoxtrot to do me some more cables…

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Placed an order! Can’t wait!


Ou boy, first GB that is only „run through“ keebtalk (as far as I know / one I care about), yeey about checking multiple forums when looking for updates about a GB… :disappointed: Well, I guess that‘s the new world we live in now…
Will most certainly join, really like the colors and the possibilities of the different combinations possible with the set! GLWGB!

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Order placed :grinning:

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This is a must have!

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Wow I’m glad to see these have gotten enough interest to become a reality! Very happy to see this.

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Its actually up on all the sites. This just happened to be the first. :slight_smile:


And then tabled after :scream:

G_G you will probably beat me to it

Actually was a combination of me traveling as this went live so I had bad connection and my GH post requiring mod approval before being public hehe

Ah, sorry that I draw the conclusion too quickly! Also, by the way, wasn‘t meant as criticism for you. I‘m just critical about the possible fragmentation that might become bigger inside the mk community…
Anyways, thanks a lot for, despite possibly more effort for you, putting it up on different channels! :+1:

No criticism taken! Just wanted to clarify haha

Hey there everyone, a quick little update:

There was a slight miscommunication with zFrontier initially and the link posted for their proxy appeared to be China only. The Mr. Sleeves addon kit is not available on the international zFrontier website for other regions now! The original post has been edited to reflect this link:

zFrontier (CHINA) - zFrontier 装备前线
zFrontier (Korea, Japan, Australia, NZ and other Asian regions): https://en.zfrontier.com/products/gmkmrsleeves

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i’m cutting you off

I’m your best customer…

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Will sign up after pay day :slight_smile:

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yes replace jae with me :smiley:


I Just placed my order. I’m so excited for this. Good job with the group buy I love all the renders <2

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